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French Revolution

History of the French Revolution

Bourgeoisie The people of the Third Estate that could own businesses and were leaders of the French Revolution.
National Assembly Was the first breakaway government who created the Declaration of Rights of Man.
Legislative Assembly Was created when the Constitution of 1791 was made.
National Convention After the war with Austria and Prussia a republic was formed and a new government was form also.
Constitution of 1791 This was France's first official constitution that created a Constitutional Monarchy and the Legislative Assembly.
Civil Constitution of Clergy This allowed the Church lands to be sold, yet the peasants didn't want the Church land sold.
First Estate This was made up of Clergy or Parish priests who didn't have to pay taxes and collected tithes.
Second Estate This was made up of Nobles that were granted special privileges and payed for very few taxes.
Third Estate This was made up of peasants and the Bourgeoisie that had to constantly work to pay for most of the taxes.
National Assembly Reforms These included the Declaration of Rights of Man, Constitution of 1791, and Civil Constitution of Clergy.
Declaration of Rights of Man This was influenced by the Enlightenment and was the start of the French Revolution.
Enlightenment This changed the views of how people see the world.
Committee of Public Safety This group led by Robespierre during the Reign of Terror executed 400,000 people who were thought to go against the revolution.
The Directroy This was the government set up by the Constitution of 1795. It contains a Legislative and Executive branch with five Directors. Only men who could read and owned land could vote.
Napoleon He was not from France, he gained his power after the emigres left France through military success and by marrying Josephine which gave him political power.
Domestic Polices and Reforms Which included Napoleonic Code, Concordat of 1801, allowing the emigres to return, and being named First Consul for life.
Lycees The first step to public education.
Napoleon's Downfall Assault on Russia crippled Napoleon's army because the Russian winter and the Russian's tactic of the Scorched Earth Policy.
Legacy of the French Revolution The end of feudalism, change in political boundaries, and the rise of nationalism.
Storming the Bastille This was the siege of an armory because of the fear of foreign guards being brought into the country.
Problems of the Old Regime It was the social and political system before the French Revolution that was a constitutional monarchy but was ruled as a absolute monarchy. It made the Third Estate pay all the taxes and gave nobles more influence in government.
Tennis Court Oath It was the Third Estate that met at a tennis court to write a new constitution and break away from the government.
Reign of Terror The time in which the committee of public safety killed thousands of people who went against the revolution.
Scorched Earth Policy This policy allowed the destruction of the country's own supplies so that the enemies can't use them.
Napoleonic Code Set of laws that was created by Napoleon that changed the French society.
Concordat of 1801 This was an agreement between the Church and the Government. It gave the French government more control by taking the Church's power.
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