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Sandwiches Review

Chapter 19

One of the 5 types of sandwiches Triple Decker
Another of the 5 types of sandwiches Finger
Still another of the 5 types of sandwiches Wrap
Yet another of the 5 types of sandwiches Open Faced
Last of the 5 types of sandwiches Closed
What is one category of hot sandwiches? Basic
What is another category of hot sandwiches? Grilled
What is the last category of hot sandwiches? Fried
List 5 types of rolls/breads used to make sandwiches. Torpedo, Kaiser, pita, tortilla, Chapatti, Rye, Challah, Focaccia etc...
What does "cut for appeal" mean? The sandwich is cut in a way to show off the ingredients and make the sandwich have visual appeal.
Give an example of a grilled sandwich Grilled cheese... etc
Give an example of a fried sandwich Monte Cristo
Give an example of a basic hot sandwich Hot Dog, hamburger, pizza...
What are the three components of a sandwich? Bread, spread, and filling
What is the definition of a wrap? Sandwich made with a soft flatbread, folded or wrapped around the filling.
What is the definition of a closed sandwich? Sandwiches with two slices of bread with the filling in between them.
What is the definition of an open faced sandwich? The spread and filling are placed on top of one or two slices of bread.
What is the definition of finger sandwiches? Small, fancy closed sandwiches cut into various shapes, usually with special ingredients that can be used as appetizers.
What is the definition of a triple decker? A sandwich with three slices of bread with filling and spread closed between them.
What role does a spread play in a sandwich? It adds flavor and moisture.
What must you consider when choosing bread for a sandwich? It must match the style of a sandwich, must be fresh, be appropriate for the filling (sot ingredients, soft bread etc.)
What is a Pullman loaf? A rectangular bread with a flat top and even texture.
What is a croissant? A flaky, crescent shaped roll, that is soft in texture.
What is a Kaiser roll? A round crusty roll, usually with sesame or poppy seeds.
What is a pita bread? A round flatbread that cuts open to form a pocket.
What is a torpedo roll? A long skinny roll that makes regional sandwiches such as hoagies, subs, grinders, po' boys etc...
What is a Chapatti? An Indian whole wheat flatbread.
What is a crepe? A small thin pancake made of egg batter, either stuffed or folded over the filling.
What is phyllo? A paper thin pastry dough, usually layered to create sandwiches.
What does foundation mean? A base or starting point. etc.
What does maintain mean? To keep.
Give 5 examples of what can be used for a spread. Mayonnaise, mustard, butter, pesto, vegetable purees (guacamole, chimichurri) etc.
Why should salad sandwiches not be made ahead of time? They can get soggy.
What are the guidelines for making/serving hot sandwiches? Use a warm plate, make sure filling is fully cooked before assembling, keep cold items of to side, completely assemble before grilling, do not overload wrap.
What is Au jus? Meat juices from cooking meats.
Why are toothpicks used? To hold sandwiches together.
How are Club sandwiches usually cut? They are cut diagonally into 1/4's.
How can sandwiches be made more nutritious? Smaller breads/rolls, lower calorie breads/rolls, high quality proteins, lower sodium/fat fillings, natural spreads
Created by: mtsoxfan