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Facsim Europe

A collection of vocabulary to help revise Mussolini & Hitler

When did Mussolin come to power? 1922
How did Mussolin come to power? The March on Rome
What was the name of Mussolini's followers? The Blackshirts
What country did Mussolini invade in 1935? Abysinnia (Ethiopia)
Name the agreement that Mussolini concluded with Pope Pius XI. The Lateran Pact.
One of Mussolini's impressive public works was the draining of the _________ marshes. The Pontine Marshes
Strict control of the media by the government is known as ............ Censorship
Governement manipulation of mass media to promote a positive image of the leader is known as....... Propaganda
Business leaders supported Mussolini because they feared........ Socialism
Karl Marx was the founding father of Socialism. He wanted "Workers of ___?____ to Unite" Workers of the World Unite, You have nothing to lose but your chains.
Name the Italian King that asked Mussolini to form a government. Victor Emanuel III
What was Mussilini popularly known as? Il Duce, (The Leader!)
Dictators rule by fear, what was the name of Mussolini's secret police? The OVRA
Dictators try to indoctinate the youth, what was the name of the facist youth movement in Italy? The Balilla
Mussolini fomed a pact with Hitler in 1936, what was it called? The Rome-Berlin Axis
In 1925 Mussolini passed a law stating if a party got over 25% of the vote, they could control 66% of the seats in parliament, name the law. The Acerbo Law
Name the Treaty that ended World War I The Treaty of Versailles
The Germans hated the Treaty of Versailles, name the part that blamed Germany for all the damage. The War Guilt Clause
Name the payments that the Treaty of Versailles forced on the Germans. The Reparations Payments
What did Hitler call the politicians who surrendered and signed the Treaty of Versailles? The November Criminals
What political movement did Hitler hate and many Germans fear? Socialism
What world religion did Hitler hate and aim to massacare? The Jewish Race
What does "anti-semitism" mean? Perecution of Jews
Who was called "Il Duce"? Mussolini
Who was called "Der Furher"? Hitler
What colour shirts did Hitler's original followers wear? The S.A. wore Brown Shirts
Who was the leader of the Brown Shirts? Ernst Rohm
What were Hitler's personal army that killled all the SA leadership in the night of the long knives? The S.S.
Who was in command of the S.S. Henrich Himmler
Who was responsble for 'Propaganda" in the Third Reich? Joseph Goebels
What happened during Kristallnacht, (The Night of Broken Glass) The Nazis looted Jewish homes and shops, killing many Jews and destroying their property.
What were the Nuremburg Laws? Laws introduced to make the Jews second class citizens in Germany, E.g. they had to wear the Star of David and could not marry Germans.
What was the "Final Solution"? The Final Solution was the Nazi plan to kill all Jewish People in Nazi controlled Europe, over 1.5 million people.
Created by: ardscoil