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a, an, ar without or not
ab away from
acro extrimities
ad toward, to
adeno glandular
aero air
ambi around, on both sides
amyl starch
ante before forward
anit against, counteracting
bi double
bili bile
bio life
bis two
branchio arm
bady low
brancho branchous (pl. bronchi)
cardio heart
cervio neck
chole gall or bile
circum around
co together
contra against, opposite
costo ribs
cysto bladder
cyto cell
demi skin
dis from
dorso back
dys abnormal, difficul
electro electric
en into, in, within
encephal brain
entero intestine
equi equal
eryth red
ex out, out of, away from
extra outside of, in addition to
ferro fiber
fibro iron
fore before, in front of
gastro stomach
glosso tongue
glyco sugar
hemi half
hemo blood
hepa, hepato liver
histo tissue
homo same
hydro water
hygro moisture
hypo under, decreased
hyster uterus
ileo ileum
in in, within, into
inter between
intra within
juxta near, close to
lapar abdomen
laryngo larynx
latero side
leuk white
marco large, big
mal bad, poor
mast breast
medio middle
mega, megalo large, great
meno menses
mono single
multi many
myelo bone marrow, spinal cord
myo muscle
neo new
nephro kidney
neuro nerve
nitro nitrogen
noct night
non not
ob against, in front of
oculo eye
odonto tooth
ophthalmo eye
ortho straight, normal
os mouth, bone
osteo bone
oto ear
pan all
para beside, accessory to
path disease
ped child, foot
per by, through
peri around
pharyngo pharynx
phelbo vein
photo light
phren diaphragm, mind
pneumo air, lungs
pod foot
poly many, much
post after
pre before
proct rectum
pseudo false
psych mind
pyel pelvis of the kidney
pyo pus
Created by: Stinalynn95