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Manuel is my life

Mercilessly To act without showing pity or sympathy
Feigning To pretend
Demeanor Outward behavior or bearing
Lax to be lenient
Grandiose impressive or magnificent
Gig Slang or a musical engagement in which muscians are hired
Naively Showing a lack of experience
Remediation Trying to give a cure or remedy
Detractors To take away or divert
Prominent Important, noble
Depict Show or represent
Temperament A person or animal's nature or behavior
Garb Fashion or manner
Rhetorically Art of speaking or writing
Solidify Make or become hard or solid
Hindsight Understanding of a situation after it has happened
Ringside An advantageous position from which to observe or monitor something
Precinct The are within the walls or perceived boundaries
Mannerisms A habitual gesture or way of speaking or behaving
Barbaric Savagely cruel
Mogul An important or powerful person
Introspective Looking inwardly
Stately Having a dignified, unhurried, and grand manner
Perplexed Completely baffled
Abrupt Sudden and unexpected
Created by: Brenham ISD