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What is an example of marketing info that a business could gather by surveying customers? Location of companies market
what is an international source of marketing info for a business? Inventory records
What type of source would give info about last quarter sales? Sales report
Records of sales people meeting or contact with customers are referred to as Call report
Something that exists Fact
An approx. judgement Estimate
Data collected from internal sources, external sources, or marketing research is... Marketing info
what is the advantage in using personal interview to collect marketing data? high flexibility
what is a rating scale that allows marketing reasearchers to determine respondents feelings likert
What type of scale is a firm using when a survey format has a 7 pt rating system semantic differential
How can ill designed questionnaires affect respondents bias answer
Marketing mix is also referred to as the... four P's
A computerized storage for information and facts is... Database
A marketing function that involves gathering accessing synthesizing evaluating and disseminating information to aid in business decisions is MIM
Facts and figures located on the inside of a company Internal
Facts available located outside the company External
How can using a data base to track its customers preferences and buying habits help a business? Builds strong loyal customer relationships
Facts collected specifically for the project or problem at hand? Primary
Facts and figures that have been collected for purposes other than the project at hand Secondary
What is an internal source of marketing Marketing management system
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