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emps evals

Utilizing the Employee Performance Mastery

There are three components to a Performance Plan
Positional Responsibilities provide clarity between management and the employee about the purpose of the job and its importance to JSO, and what behaviors/outcomes employees will be held accountable for based on their position in JSO
Individual Responsibilities are individual employee goals which support higher departmental objectivity
They are both consistent for a position and unique to that employee's role
Universal, positional, and individual responsibilities will be reviewed annually by the affected employee and his supervisor
Universal, positional, and individual responsibilities will be reviewed annually by the affected employee and his supervisor
Upon completion of the Performance Plan it is submitted to the reviewer for approval
Once approved, the supervisor will meet with the employee to discuss the plan
The employee will then acknowledge the Performance Plan
At any time during the evaluation period, a supervisor can initiate a Performance Improvement Plan if the employee's performance is unsatisfactory
A notification shall be given to the employee at least 90 days prior to the end of his annual rating period
A supervisor shall set realistic goals for the goal to be achieved
The employee and his supervisor will review universal, positional, and individual responsibilities during the evaluation discussion in order to ensure applicability
Annual Evaluations are due on September 30th and are accessible to the supervisor on September 1st
Each responsibility in the Performance Plan must be rated and comments entered for each responsibility
Comments should be meaningful and substantial
Both the supervisor and the employee's performance logs can be used in the Annual Evaluation
After the supervisor completes the Annual Evaluation it will be submitted to the reviewer for approval
If approved, the reviewer will sign the Annual Evaluation, either electronically or in writing
Upon approval by the reviewer the supervisor will meet with the employee for an evaluation discussion
After the evaluation discussion the employee shall sign the evaluation using the supervisor's computer
The employee shall be given the opportunity to sign the evaluation using his current EIS PIN
When the employee enters his secured EIS PIN it constitutes a signature
If the employee refuses to sign the evaluation a witness would be called in to sign the evaluation at the supervisor's computer
The witness cannot be the employee's supervisor or reviewer
The witness will use his current EIS PIN
The employee will have (15) days after receiving his completed performance evaluation
to enter a comment into the system regarding any disagreement with his evaluation rating
Created by: sgtnGee
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