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4.2 Tx & drugs

angioplasty procedure in which a small catheter with a ballon on the end is inserted into a blood vessel to reshape the inside of the vessel.
bypass surgery surgery done on blood vessels for the purpose of placing a graft that will bypass an occluded or blocked blood vessel.
cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR - act of restoring consciousness by forcing air into the lungs and forcing blood from the heart.
defibrillation stopping the uncontrolled twiching of the heart through the use of medications or elctric shock.
embolectomy surgical removal of a blood clot.
endarterectomy surgical removal of the thrombus and the abnormally thickened inside lining of an artery.
heart transplant procedure in which the heart of one person is put into the body of another person.
intravenous therapy injection into a vein of essential nutrients or drugs for the treatment of disease.
mitral commissurotomy surgical cutting of the seam of the two flaps of the mitral valve.
open-heart surgery surgical procedure during which the heart is opened.
pacemaker implant implanting of an artificial device that keeps the rate of the heart in a desirable range.
valve replacement surgical procedure in which a valve that is defective is replace with a new valve.
valvuloplasty repair of a defective heart valve.
venipuncture puncture of a vein with a needle or the insertion of a catheter.
anticoagulant drugs that work against the clotting of blood
antianginal agents drugs that work against the strangling pain in the chest.
antidysrhythmic agents class of medicines that work against the lack of rhythm of the heart.
thrombolytic agents drugs that break apart blood clots.
vasoconstrictor agents drugs that act to narrow or constrict blood vessels
vasodilators drugs that act to widen or dilate blood vessels.
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