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Health Care Trends

Cost Containment Controls rising cost of health care & achieves max. benefit for every dollar spent
Geriatric Care Care for the elderly
Home Health Care Services provided at patient's home
OBRA Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 Federal regulation for long-term and home health care
Telemedicine Use of video, audio, & computers to provide medical/health care services
Wellness State of optimum health Balance between physical, mental, & social health
Physical Wellness Diet, exercise
Emotional Wellness Understanding personal feelings
Social Wellness Showing concern, affection, respect
Mental & Intellectual Wellness Using common sense, being creative, curious, etc
Spiritual Wellness Using values, ethics, morals to find meanings & purpose to life
Holistic Health Care Treats the whole body, mind, & spirit Promotes body's natural healing power
Complementary Health Care Conjunction with conventional therapies
Alternative Health Care In place of biomedical therapies
Integrative Health Care Uses mainstream & CAM therapies
Holistic Approach Belief that an effect on one part of the body, affects the whole body
Ayurvedic Re-establish balance in body through diet, exercise, body cleansing, & health of body, mind, & spirit
Chinese medicine Energy flows along meridians
Chiropractic Treatment & prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system
Hipnotist psychological state marked by a level of awareness different to ordinary conscious state
Homopath Based on idea that the body has ability to heal itself
Noninvasive Not cutting into body
Pandemic Disease outbreak over wide geographic area
Epidemic Infectious disease affecting a large number of people within a community at the same time
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