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Ap Euro Middle Ages

Black Death, bubonic plague carried by fleas on Asian black rats and brought to Europe on ships returning from Asia Overcrowding in cities and homes facilitated the spread of the disease
Hundred Years’ War Cause: the English crown lay claim to the duchy of Aquitaine in France,The French king confiscated that territory from English control
Joan of Arc French peasant girl claimed she heard voices of saints and persuaded the king to allow her to be with the troops,In 1429 led the French army to victory at Orléans during a crucial stage of the war
John Wyclif, Lollards Believed the church should only follow Scripture,This view foreshadowed Martin Luther’s reformation in the early 16th century
John Hus, Hussites ideas very similar to Wyclif, followers of Hus, staged large rebellions in the 14th century
Babylonian Captivity 1305, a struggle between the pope and the French king led to the election of a French pope who set up his leadership in Avignon, France,Seven successive popes resided at Avignon, France
Great Schism Further conflict occurred in 1377 with election of two popes—one in Rome, one in France—neither of whom recognized the other
Conciliar movement Ended the Great Schism
vernacular national languages
Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy also considered an early Renaissance figure,portrayed English life
Scholasticism, Thomas Aquinas Scholasticism became the cornerstone of late-medieval philosophy,Aquinas attempted to reconcile faith and reason by using logic to support Christian doctrine
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