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Appendix A

anatomy & physiology

fimb-, fringe
follic-, small bag
fov-, pit
funi-, fiber
gangli-, a swelling
gastr-, stomach
-gen to be produced
-genesis origin
germ-, to bud
glen-, joint socket
-glia glue
glom-, little ball
glyc-, sweet
-gram something written
hema-, blood
hemo-, blood
hepat-, liver
hetero- different
hom- same
homeo- same
humor-, fluid
hyper-, above, more, over
hypo- below
im- not
immun- free
inflamm-, set on fire
inter-, among, between
intra-, inside, within
iris-, rainbow
iso- equal
kerat- horn
labi- lip:
labyrinth-, maze
lacri-, tears
lacun pool
laten hidden
-lemm peel
leuko- white
lingu- tongue
lip- fat
-logy study of
-lyt, dissolvable
macr large
macula spot
meat- passage
melan black
mening- membrane
mens- month
meta- change
mict- to pass urine
mit- thread
mono- one
mons- mountain
morul- mulberry
moto- moving
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