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2AX5X Vol 2 Unit 4

42 Self Test Questions

What is the purpose of the shock strut? Carry the burden of supporting the aircraft and absorb the shock of landing
What two telescoping cylinders form the shock strut? Inner cylinder and outer cylinder
What component connects the inner and outer cylinder to maintain correct alignment? Torsion links
What truck assembly component prevents the truck from porpoising? Snubber
What is the function of the shimmy damper? Provide tracking of the aircraft during turns and prevent oscillation or shimmy during landing, takeoff, and taxiing
What types of steer damper units are used? Single-piston and vane
What holds the control valve in the neutral position when steering is not used? Centering spring
How is the sliding spool of the steering metering valve positioned? By mechanical inputs into the valve
What ensures that the sliding spool returns to the neutral position? By centering spring
How is system pressure blocked off in steering operation? By the position of the sliding spool
How many seconds may the LG take for full retraction or extension from the time the control lever is moved until the gear is retracted (or extended) and the wheel well doors are again closed? 10 to 40 seconds
What position must the landing gear control handle be in before emergency extension of the landing gear? DN position
What prevents the nose gear from slamming down during the emergency extension sequence? Snubbing action of the nose gear actuator
What are the two types of landing gear position indicators used on aircraft? Green light or tab-type
On tab-type indicator systems, what is displayed when the gear is in transit or until the gear reaches the full up or down and locked position? Diagonal stripes or barber poles
How is the landing gear warning horn operated? By switches installed on the throttle quadrant
What term describes a gradual loss of braking action due to overheating? Brake fade
What causes the multiple-disc brake?s piston to move inward? Hydraulic pressure
Define OFF clearance. The space between the discs when the brakes are not applied
How is emergency hydraulic pressure supplied to the brake system? By the aircraft emergency hydraulic system or accumulator
In the antiskid system, when does the shaft speed decrease in relation to flywheel speed? When enough excessive braking is applied to create a skidding tendency
What is the heart of the integral brake system? PBCV
What ensures rapid application and release of brakes? Debooster
What brake system consists of a slave-metering valve remotely controlled by a master cylinder? Slave brake system
What metals are used for aircraft wheels? Aluminum and/or magnesium alloy
How is the removable flange held in place? A retainer ring
What is the purpose of the alignment marks on split wheels? To ensure the wheel halves are put together in their proper relationship
At what temperature will the fusible metal core of the thermal plugs melt? 300 øF
What type of wheel bearings are used on aircraft? The tapered roller type
What makes up a complete bearing set? Bearing cone, tapered rollers, and a retaining cage
What part of the bearing holds the assembly together? The cage
Which technical manual provides information concerning aircraft tires and tubes? 4T-1-3, Inspection, Maintenance Instructions?Storage and Disposition of Aircraft Tires and Inner Tubes
What are the three main parts of an aircraft tire? Tread and sidewall, cord body, and beads
Describe aircraft tire tread. A layer of rubber (or wire, fabric and rubber combination) on the outer circumference of a tire, which serves as the wearing surface
What part of an aircraft tire gives the tire its structural strength? The cord body or carcass
The ply rating of a tire is an index of what factor? The tire strength (not necessarily the number of cord plies in a tire)
Why are vent holes or venting devices installed in tires? To prevent pressure buildup and separation of the cord plies or tread rubber
How is a tubeless tire identified? By the word ?tubeless? on the tire sidewall
List the two methods used to determine allowable tire wear. Colored wear indicators and tread groove method
What are the wear criteria on a retreadable aircraft tire less than 24 inches outside diameter? Remove the tire when wear reaches the bottom of any tread groove for a continuous length of 4 inches or when wear exposes top fabric layer
Where might you find the allowable cut limits of a given tire? Embossed on the sidewall of the tire
How does direct sunlight affect tire pressure? Tires in direct sunlight experience a somewhat higher pressure than those in shaded areas
Created by: Fah_Q
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