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ex. colon. & imper.

Exploration, Colonization, and Imperialism

Silk Road Dangerous land trade route that went from Europe to Asia
Prince Henry Born prince of portugal created a school of navigionbuilt faster ships called caravels and paid for several trips to find a faster trade route around and to Asia.you played as him during a meet n greet
Christophor Columbus sailed for spain west trying to find faster trade route to Asia instead rediscovered N/S America
Archduke Ferdinand This man was assassinated by serbian nationalist starting WW1 was Aier to throne
Portagal sent explores to the tip of Africa to establish new trade routes to Asia as well as colonize Brazil what languge do they speak in Brazil?
Spain This c sent coquistadors like Cortes and Pizarro to Central south America for the 3 G Gold Glory God
France This c sent explores like Samuel de champlain and Jacqes Cartier to Canada to claim land and Furs
UK This c sent explorers like Henry Hudson to N America was largest empire in Europe w/ colonies in NA, SA,Asia,Africa,Australia
Colonization Taking over lands and creating permanent settlements on them.
Militarism Building of huge Armys to protect an empire
Nationism Extreme pride in ones contry
Alliances deals made between countries for protection.
Imperialism the time period whe Europe began colonization in Asia and Africa for more Raw materials.
Industrial Revolotion the time when good where being made by machines and the need for more raw materials led to imperialism.
Created by: Jarissa