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The Ear - Q – Therapeutic Terms & A – Meaning

auditory prosthesis any internal or external device that improves or substitutes for natural hearing
hearing aid an external amplifying device designed to improve hearing by more effective collection of sound into the ear
cochlear implant an electronic device implanted in the cochlea that provides sound perception to patients with severe or profound sensorineural (nerve) hearing loss in both ears
ear lavage irrigation of the external ear canal, often to remove excessive buildup of cerumen
ear instillation introduction of a medicated solution into the external canal, usually administered by drop (gt) or drops (gtt) in the affected ears
antibiotic a drug that inhibits the growth of or destroys microorganisms; used to treat diseases caused by bacteria (e.g., otitis media)
antihistamine a drug that blocks the effects of histamine
histamine a regulatory body substance released in allergic reactions, causing swelling and inflammation of tissues; seen in hay fever and urticaria (hives)
antiinflammatory a drug that reduces inflammation
decongestant a drug that reduces congestion and swelling of membranes, such as those of the nose and eustachian tube in an infect
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