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2AX5X Vol 2 Unit 1

35 Self Test Questions

What instrument measures the weight of air? Mercurial barometer
What is the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level measured in inches of mercury? In psi? 29.92 inches of mercury; 14.7 psi
What are the two temperature scales that are commonly used? Fahrenheit and Celsius
If two aircraft are flying with the same horsepower but at different altitudes, why does the aircraft flying at a higher altitude fly faster than the aircraft flying at a lower altitude? Because at the higher altitude, the air is less dense therefore causing less drag on the aircraft
What is the term for the curve of the surface of an airfoil from the leading edge to the trailing edge? Camber
What aerodynamic forces affect aircraft in flight? Lift, weight, thrust, and drag
How does drag act in relation to relative wind? Parallel
Define AOA. The angle between the mean chord line of an airfoil and the aircraft flight path
How are airframe components joined? By rivets, bolts, screws, welds, or adhesives
What are the five stresses to which airframes are subjected? Tension, compression, torsion, shear, and bending
Which fuselage design does not use formers, frame assemblies, or bulkheads to give shape to the fuselage? The monocoque design
What internal wing components serve as an attachment point for the skin? The ribs and stringers
What type of material is usually used for construction of flight control surfaces? Aluminum alloy
What is used to round out the angle formed between the fixed tail surfaces and the fuselage? Fairing
What structural unit provides a smooth airflow around and into the engine inlet? Engine nacelles
What component controls airflow around the weapons to reduce turbulence in the bay on some bomber aircraft? Bay spoilers or air spoilers
How do doors differ from panels? Doors are hinged
Most transparent structures on an aircraft, such as canopies, windshields, and windows, are made of what two materials? Transparent plastics or safety glass
How do paint removers and stripping compounds affect the plastic facings of a radome? It may adversely affect its electrical properties or strength
How are fuselage station numbers measured? In inches from the reference datum or zero point on or near the aircraft nose
What are the three axes that an aircraft operates around? Longitudinal, lateral, and vertical
What are the lateral control surfaces of the aircraft? Ailerons, spoilers/speed brakes, and wing flaps
What controls all directional movements of aircraft? Primary flight controls
What primary flight control guides the aircraft about the vertical axis? Rudder
Which type of stabilator has both sides connected together so that when one side moves the other side must move in the same direction and amount? Solid type
What is an elevon? It is a combination of an aileron and an elevator
What are five types of wing flaps? Plain, split, fowler, slotted, and leading-edge slats or flaps
What is the difference between leading-edge flaps and wing slats? If the leading edge operates in conjunction with the trailing edge flaps, then you have leading-edge flaps. If they operate independently of the flaps, they are called slats
What is the purpose of speed brakes? Increase drag to slow the aircraft and/or reduce landing distance
List the three types of trim systems. Roll, pitch, and yaw
Which type of flight control system reduces the need for long cables, turnbuckles, quick disconnects, push-pull rods, and the associated flight control hardware? Fly-by-wire
What are the two major parts of the AFCS? Stab aug system and the autopilot (A/P) system
What system is used to make bomber aircraft stable for launching weapons? Stab aug
What auto pilot system mode automatically maintains aircraft speed? Mach hold
Created by: Fah_Q
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