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68C Medterm Ph.1 T.3

Medical Terminology Test 3 Skeletal System

Abduction moving away from the midline of the body
Adduction moving toward the midline of the body
Articular cartilage a thin layer of cartilage covering each epiphysis
Circumduction the process of moving the distal end of a bodypart in a circular path
Compact bone dense bone
Diaphysis shaft of a long bone
Endosteum a fibrous membrane that lines the medullary cavity
Epiphyseal plate the cartilage plate that is between the epiphysis and the diaphysis and allows growth to occur; sometimes referred to as a growth plate
Extension increasing the angle between two bones at a joint
Flexion act of bending; decreasing the angle between two bones at the joint
Fontanel "soft spots" on the infant's head; unossified areas in the infant skull
Hematopoiesis blood cell formation
Medullary cavity The hollow area inside the diaphysis of a bone; contains soft yellow bone marrow
Olecrana Fossa a large depression of the posterior surface of the humerus
Osteoblasts bone forming cells
Osteoclasts bone absorbing cells
Osteocytes living bone cells
Osteon structural unit of compact bone tissue made up of concentric layers(lamellae) of hard bone matrix and bone cells; also called Haversian system
Periosteum tough connective tissue covering the bone
Sinus a space or cavity inside some of the cranial bones
Spongy bone porous bone in the end of the long bone; may be filled with marrow
Suture an immovable joint
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