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KOM Vol. 1

Self Test Q's

What collaboration services are available for electronic communications? (1) Web conferencing. (2) Instant messaging. (3) Collaborative workspaces. (4) Application sharing.
What enables users to communicate and interact with groups large and small, in real-time, using high-impact presentations and essential collaboration tools? Defense Connect Online
What collaborative tool provides comprehensive content management and enterprise searches? Microsoft Office SharePoint
What is the Air Force goal concerning accessibility to Internet resources? Within acceptable risk, the goal provides personnel requiring access for official business maximum accessibility to Internet resources.
What continues to increase as a technique for obtaining and disseminating information worldwide? Use of the Web or Web technologies
Name a few requirements that must be met for posting information on private Web pages. Pages must not violate vendors’ license agreements. display required warning notices & banners. commercial phone#, DSN#, org. e-mail. Must meet the min. req.
Who is the final approval authority for the Internet release package? Unit commander
What does “information” include? Any statement or reception of knowledge such as facts, data, or opinions, including numerical, graphic, or narrative forms, whether oral or maintained in any media, including computerized databases, paper,microform, or magnetic tape.
What is the primary purpose of managing information effectively and efficiently? To enhance the Air Force mission
What are five ways we manage information in support of information resources management? (1) Security. (2) Privacy. (3) Freedom of information. (4) Paperwork reduction. (5) Records preservation
What are the stages of life cycle management? (1) Creation/collection. (2) Processing. (3) Dissemination. (4) Use. (5) Storage. (6) Disposition.
How is communications defined? The process of sharing ideas, information and messages with others
What are the three parts of communications? (1) Sender. (2) Message. (3) Receiver.
What is the objective of the electronic communications program? To create clear, efficient, and effective communications
How should you write to identify who is responsible for what actions? Active voice.
What should the average sentence length be? 15 to 20 words.
What type of memorandum is used if you circle, underline, or highlight the organization of office symbol of each recipient on the copy you give to them? Multiple-address memorandum
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