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The Roman Republic

History 7 Study Guide

Romulus He was the first king of Rome. It is told that he and his brother, Remus, were the sons of Mars. As infants, they were tossed in a river and cared for by a wolf and a woodpecker before being found and raised by a pig farmer. he killed his brother
Etruscans They were a group of ancient people who built one of the first civilizations in Italy called Etruria. They took over Rome in 575 BC and ruled them for 66 years. They taught there Romans a lot.
Pompey A general who had conquered the eastern Mediterranean world. He was elected as a counsel along with Julius Caesar and Crassus. he was defeated in a war by Caesar.
Julius Caesar A general who was elected as a Consul along with Crassus and Pompey to form the first Triumvirate. He fought a war against the other consuls and was declared dictator. He was assassinated 3/15/44 BC
1st Triumvirate the "leadership of three": Julius Caesar, Marcus Licinius Crassus, Gauis Pompey
Crassus Praetor whom had defeated a slave rebellion and restored order in Italy. He was part of the 1st Triumvirate
Senate They helped make laws and advised the consuls on important choices. They were always from the patrician class and were voted in for life
Consul They were the 2 chief leaders during roman republic and were elected to sever 1 to 2 years. they were replaced by the position of the king from the earlier times
12 tables They were the laws that were engraved in coper and out for public view. They were a simple set of rules governing the public, private and political behavior of ever Roman. They showed that Rome should be ruled by law not powerful men
Patricians They were the wealthy ruling class of rome. They were supposed to treat the common people like a caring father would treat his children. They were members of the senate
Plebeians They were the common people of Rome and they slowly gained rights over time
Punic Wars A series of 3 wars from 264 to 149 BC between Rome and Carthage. The romans had to create a better navy to fight the Carthaginians, who were fighters on the sea and controlled much of the Mediterranean
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