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Integument System Overview - Q – Common Symptomatic terms & A – Meaning

baldness; natural or unnatural deficiency of hair alopecia
a plug of sebum (oil) within the opening of a hair follicle comedo (pl.comedos, comedones) (Fig. 3-8)
a comedo below the skin surface, with a white center (whitehead) closed comedo
a comedo open to the skin surface, with a black center caused by the presence of melanin exposed to air (blackhead) open comedo
appearance of a skin lesion eruption
redness of skin erythema
severe itching pruritus
a general term for skin eruption, most often associated with communicable disease rash
skin color resulting from the presence of melanin skin pigmentation
loss of melanin pigment in the skin depigmentation
areas of skin lacking color because of deficient amounts of melanin hypopigmentation
darkened areas of skin caused by excessive amounts of melanin hyperpigmentation
production of purulent matter (pus) suppuration
hives; an eruption of wheals on the skin accompanied by itching (urtica = stinging nettle) urticaria (see Fig. 3-3, G)
dry skinxeroderma
Created by: MT student1