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anatomy - R.J.

muscles of the thorax, abdomen, & pelvis - R.J.

Pectoralis Major -sternum; clavicle; cartilage of ribs 1-7; aponeurosis of external oblique Humerus -flexes, adducts rotates the arm medially. thorax
Pectoralis Minor Stabilizes scapular for arm movements; elevates ribs in inspiration. thorax
External intercostals -rib-superior -rib-inferior -elevates ribs; inhalation thorax
Internal intercostals -rib-inferior -rib-superior -depresses ribs; expiration thorax
Diaphragm -sternum; costal cartilage 7-12; Lumbar vertebrae Central tendon -Increases volume of thoracic cavity (respiration) -increase intraabdominal pressure (micturition, defecation, childbirth) thorax
External oblique -lower 8 ribs (5-12) -Iliac crest -linea alba -lateral rotation & lateral flexion of the trunk anterior abdomen
Internal oblique Ilium -10-12th ribs -lateral rotation & lateral flexion of trunk anterior abdomen
Transverse oblique 7-12th costal cartilage; ilium -sternum; pubis -compresses abdomen anterior abdomen
Rectus abdominis -pubis -sternum; inferior ribs -flexes trunk at the waist; compresses abdomen anterior abdomen
Psoas major & iliacus -flexes thigh (hip joint) & flexes Lumbar vertebral column (trunk) posterior abdomen
Quadratus lumborum -flexes lumbar region laterally -fixes ribs 11 & 12 in forced expiration posterior abdomen
DELTOID CLAVICLE HUMERUS; SCAPULA PRIMEMOVER arm abduction, flexion and extension of arm; medial and lateral arm rotation upper limb
Serratus anterior Ribs 1-8 Scapula Fixes scapula in place during ant. arm movement; rotates scapula so inferior angle moves lateral and upward; abduction and raising arm…horizontal arm mvt..boxers muscle anterior thorax
Coracobrachialis Scapula Humerus Arm flexsion; adduction upper limb
Trapezius ocipital (ext. occip. Prot. & sup nuchal line -ligamentum nuchae; C7; all T vertebrae -scapula (spine, acromion) -clavicle -elevation, depression, adduction of scalpula -extensor of head posterior thorax
Rhomboid major Adduction (retraction) of scapula; fixes scapula for arm mvt. posterior thorax
Rhomboid minor Adduction (retraction) of scapula; fixes scapula for arm mvt. posterior thorax
Levator scapulae Elevates scapula posterior thorax
Latissimus dorsi Thoracolumbar fascia; iliac crest; lower 3 ribs Humerus Extends, adducts, medially rotates arm posterior thorax
Pelvic diaphragm -levator ani: pubococcygeus + iliococcygeus - coccyge -both function to support pelvic floor & resists increased intraabdominal pressure; aids in defecation pelvic muscle
Urogenital diaphragm -stretches across anterior half of pelvic outlet to support the external genitals. pelvic muscle
scalenes -to elevate ribs 1 & 2 during inhalation; flex cervical spine;flex vertebral muscles
Created by: mal1ce13