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old yeller 7,9

baying: pg. 52 to make a loud , deep bark
blizzard: pg. 66 a heavy snowstorm with high winds
calve: pg. 54 to give birth to a calf
carcass: pg. 66 the dead body of an animal
castration to remove the reproducing organs of an animal
commotion: pg. 61 a state of confused and noisy disturbance.
drought: a long period without rain
flinched: pg. 58 to recoil, or withdraw from something unpleasant
heifer: pg. 54 a young cow, especially one that has not given birth
panic: pg. 59 a sudden overpowering fear or terror
pestered: pg. 51 to harass, to annoy someone
plague: pg. 63 a widespread infection or disease
precious: pg. 54 highly valuable, something/someone dearly loved
racket: pg. 53 a loud noise
rogue: pg. 50 deceitful, unreliable, scoundrel or rascal
sober: pg. 59 marked by seriousness, intense, solemn
staggers: to move or stand unsteadily, sway sideways
thicket: pg. 66 a thick growth of bushes, plants
wallowing: pg. 53 to move with difficulty in a clumsy manner