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Comparative Anatomy

Latin meanings

Cran Skull
Caud Tail
Rostri Beak
Super over
in not, without
bors back
ventra belly
post after
ante before
lat side, broad
medi middle
de down, from
pro before
saggitta arrow
trans across, beyond
fron forehead
ad,af to
a without, not
ab both
de down, from
endo within
ecto outside
pre/prae before
post after
-ule remove
-mere part
-cyte cell, hollow
strati layered
sept wall
myo muscle
caudo tail
dors back
atri entrance room
choan funnel
neuro nerve
coel hollow
cer horn
plac flat plate
cten comb
corn horn
phag to eat
pleur side, lung
strati layered
vagina sheath
meta after
cirri about, around
wheel rota
velum covering
ileo the groin
Created by: ejohnson17