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Euro: Ch. 9 IDs

IDs for the Late Middle Ages

Boyars Russian nobles 1000 onwards
Estates General A group of powerful merchants who demanded/received rights similar to the Magna Carta. Remained too divided to be an instrument for effective government. ca. 1350
Huss, John (Jan) Czech reformer who led pro-Wycliffe faction (later Hussites) at the University of Prague. Accused of heresy, imprisoned, and died at the stake. d.1415
Joan of Arc A peasant girl from eastern France who told Charles VII that God had chosen her to deliver Orleans from the English. Succeeded and inspired French nationalism. Captured by Burgundians and executed as a heretic. 1412-1431
Mongols Steppe peoples whose armies swept through China, much of the Islamic world, and Russian in the 13th century. 13th century +
Papacy Related to the pope
Wycliffe, John Oxford theologian and philosopher. Advocated for clerical poverty. Accused of donatism. Inspired Lollards. d.1384
Avignon Papcy AKA Babylonian Captivity. Time in which the papal court was moved to Avignon on the southeastern border of France. Began with Clement V. Marked period of papal subservience to the French. 1309-1377
Great Schism The Catholic church is divided between two popes:Urban VI (Italian) and Charles V (French). Pope Alexander V later added to the mix. 1378-1417
Hundred Years' War War (mostly) between England and France. England was winning before 1429. French eventually removed the English from their territory. 1337-1453
Black Death Bubonic plague that traveled on rats on the trade routes from Asia into Europe. Devastated Europe. 1/3 of Western Europeans died. 1347-1350
Indulgence Remission of the temporal penalty of punishment in purgatory that remained after sins had been forgiven.
Papal bull An official letter or document issued by the pope.
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