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Unit 5 abbreviation

Stack #164496

AA Alcoholics Anonymous
ACOA Adult Children of Alcoholics
AD** right ear, auris dextra (Latin)
AFB acid-fast bacillus (i.e., TB)
Al-Anon AA support group for spouses of alcoholics
Ala-Teen AA support group for children of alcoholics
AS** left ear, auris sinistra (Latin)
AU** both ears, auris uterque
Celsius degrees (metric temperature)
C&S culture and sensitivity (antibiotic susceptibility)
CO2 carbon dioxide
DM diabetes mellitus
Fahrenheit degrees
FAS fetal alcohol syndrome
GB gallbladder
GNID gram-negative intracellular diplococcus
HBV hepatitis B virus
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
HPV human papillomavirus
HSV Herpes simplex virus
LMP last menstrual period
mcg microgram(s)*
mg milligram(s)*
MTD right eardrum (membrana tympani dextra)
MTS left eardrum (membrane tympani sinistra)
NVS neurologic vital signs
OM otitis media
O&P ova and parasites
P pulse
PAR perennial allergic rhinitis
R respiration (rate)
SIDS sudden infant death syndrome
SOB short (shortness) of breath
staph staphylococcus
strep streptococcus
T, temp temperature
TB tuberculosis
VS vital signs (I, P, R, BP)
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