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3S353 Vol 3 UREs

3S353 CDCs Volume 3

You would consider using the time study snapback method to complete a work measurement evaluation when the elements to be timed are few in number
You would consider using the time study continuous method to complete a work measurement evaluation when the elements to be timed are many in number
You would consider using the work sampling measurement technique to measure a work center that has many workers in a small area
What work measurement method has limited application in a wartime environment? Work Sampling
When conducting a work sampling study, what is the minimum number of usable days for the sampling period you are required to have? 15
The economic desirability of work sampling is enhanced by increasing the number of people being sampled
Which could you use to supplement level I work sampling when there is work that does not occur in the sampling period? Operational Audit
The crew ratio for each primary mission aircraft inventory is based on the aircrew complement
What agency is responsible for approving and maintaining the AF Forms 480, Aircrew AFSC/Active Flying Justification? HQ USAF, Director of Operations Operational Training Division
Considering aircrew requirements management, which activity is the responsibility of the major commands? Submitting changes to existing composition and ratios
TSgt Harper is preparing for the annual review of all aircrew positions. At which level of responsibility would she work? HQ ACC, Directorate of Manpower, Personnel and Services
In the functional estimating equation (FEE) process, which manpower requirements method computes the entire amount of the total manpower requirement for a function or program? Zero-based
Which factor is used to apply functional estimating equations (FEE) like a workload factor (WLF) is used in work center manpower standards? Program Estimating
Which type of mathematical equation is used when developing a functional estimating equation (FEE) for a major command functional area? Linear
To develop a functional estimating equation (FEE) using regression analysis, you need the total manpower requirements and collected program estimating factor data
How many decimal places do you round functional estimating equation (FEE) adjustment factors? Three
On which concept about work centers are capability-based manpower standards (CMS) constructed? Like work center operations are efficient and standardized
A capability-based manpower standard (CMS) must quantify minimum manpower required
When developing a manpower standard for an activity that remains in-house after a cost comparison study, what is used as a basis for development of the process oriented description? Performance work statement
Which portion of the manpower standard contains a series of broad statements that define the mission support capabilities of each subordinate element? Responsibility statement
What part of the manpower standard describes significant initiatives incorporated into the standard? Statement of Conditions
To convert the man-hour requirements to manpower requirement, you should divide manhour requirement by which appropriate factor? Man-hour availability
An overload factor is applied against aircraft maintenance workweeks
A ME team calculated 162 total monthly man-hours of new work at a sheet metal shop on McDill. The shop performs a 40-hour workweek and the additional 7.7 percent is applied, as required. How many additional requirements would the shop receive? 2
If a work center exceeds their normal 40-hour workweek by 30 minutes per day, which factor is applied instead of adding additional manpower? Overload
After you receive implementation instructions, how many days do you have to implement a new capability-based manpower standard into the Manpower Programming and Execution System (MPES)? 90
Unless a significant mission or workload change has occurred, the manpower standards are reapplied every two years
When applying capability-based manpower standards, how do you address contracted manpower equivalents (CME)? By subtracting approved contract manpower equivalent man-hours from the man-hour total
When applying capability-based manpower standards, what positions must be addressed before foreign national civilian positions can be calculated? military- essential
When applying capability-based manpower standards, which positions are addressed directly after foreign national civilian positions are calculated? US direct hire
When determining civilian requirements, at what number civilians would you apply normal rounding rules? 8
An Air Force commercial activities (CA) program is appropriate when it applies to an agency staffed partially with government personnel
The Air Force is not subject to the requirements of the commercial activities program when the activity is deemed inherently governmental
Which organization is not included in the Competitive Sourcing Management Steering Group (CSMSG)? Most Efficient organization
Contract manpower equivalents (CME) are an expression of the in-house manpower requirements
Unless a waiver is granted, the duration of a public-private competition may not exceed a period of how many months? 24
In which circumstance may an economic analysis be used in lieu of an A–76 public-private competition to determine the low cost provider? Functions currently performed under contract but could be performed by DOD civilian employees
What person or agency is responsible for making the initial public announcement for a public-private competition initiative? Commander
During the performance work statement development, which individuals are prohibited from participating? Agency team development team members
Which representative(s), whose guidance related to their area of expertise, may have an impact on the successful completion of the public-private competition? Competitive sourcing management steering group
Air Force inherently governmental/commercial activities (IG/CA) inventories are done every year
Which category of manpower must be used to perform functions intimately related to the public interest? Inherently governmental
Air and Space Expeditionary Force (AEF) requirement taskings must be filled with which category of manpower? commercial activity exempt
Which long term/enduring services can be performed by the private sector? Commercial activity
Which entity conducts the mass change that incorporates the results of the Air Force Inherently Governmental/Commercial Activities (IG/CA) inventory into the Manpower Programming and Execution System (MPES)? HQ USAF, Director of Manpower, Integration Office
The commander makes a public announcement, using, to all directly affected government personnel within how many calendar days of the date on the public-private competition approval letter? 7
Which public-private competition data is considered releasable under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD)? Cost and Performance Data
Which method is used to determine if competitive sourcing is the optimal methodology for sourcing an organization’s commercial activities? Preliminary planning process
The preliminary planning process should be completed within how many days of receipt of Air Force Director of Manpower Requirements Division approval? 60
The functional, technical, and performance characteristics requirement for items, materials, or services is contained in which document? Performance work statement
Which acquisition strategy has the potential to preclude small businesses and ultimately influence the amount of competition and the eventual cost to the government? Grouping
The extent of which acquisition strategy varies based on the urgency, estimated dollar value, complexity, and past experiences of the activity under study? Market research
The comprehensive plan for fulfilling the government’s requirements for the activity under study in a timely manner is documented in the acquisition strategy plan
When asking potential offerers to submit a bid, contracting includes what two items in the solicitation? Acquisition strategy and performance work statement
The requirement considerations in the agency tender (AT), developed by the most efficient organization (MEO) team, are based on performance workload estimates
Which plan contains the most effective organization (MEO) internal staffing necessary to meet the service delivery requirements of the performance work statement (PWS)? Quality control
Who makes the preliminary selection and documents the selection of the single contractor that will compete against the most effective organization (MEO) in the final step of the publicprivate competition? Source selection authority
When considering a public-private competition, the final selection between the in-house offer and the selected private sector offer must be based upon what? Lower cost
How does the Cost and Performance Record help the Air Force? Satisfies the reporting requirements directed by Congress
Support between Department of Defense components is established through which type of support agreement? Interservice support
Support between major commands within the Air Force is established through which type of support agreement? Intraservice support
The statement: “During the growing season, all receivers’ open areas will be mowed twice a month.” is an example of what type support agreement? Standard
How often are support agreements reviewed? Triennially
In addition to specifying the resources to be provided by both the supplying and receiving activities, support agreements document the tasks needed by the receiver and are included in a a. capability-based manpower standard (annex A). Detailed description of work
Support agreement negotiations benefit the Department of Defense by dollar and material savings
Managers at all Department of Defense operating levels use the interservice support program when duplication is identified
In financing support agreements, reimbursable support costs are determined through analysis, except when mutually acceptable cost accounting systems are used
In reference to intraservice support agreement, when there is concurrent use of host facilities and equipment by the host and tenant, the method of support is joint use
When considering the intraservice support agreement, which method of support is the Air Force’s preferred method? functional consolidation
In reference to instraservice support agreement, what type of support arrangement is applicable when there is a physical separation of activities or a mobility requirement dictates its use? functional duplication
When dealing with support agreements, usually the two parties use a memorandum of agreement (MOA) to document the exchange of services and/or resources
A memorandum of understanding (MOU) is used to define the broad areas of support
When it is not clear at the local level which of several installations can support a receiver most economically or effectively, who resolves it? MAJCOM representatives
When support is feasible, who is tasked to provide specific provisions in an agreement; identify direct and indirect incremental reimbursable costs; and, with the servicing manpower and organization office, obtain manpower figures? Functional area agreement coordinator
Who identifies opportunities of support assess minimum inputs of proposed support arrangements, and commits resources to accomplish the support arrangements? Support agreement manager
One way to determine the manpower impact in a support agreement annex is to apply the applicable capability-based manpower standard
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