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SS- Ch 3 Sec 1

Middle Ages, Crusades, Rennisance, Explorers

Name 3 things about the Middle Ages? 1. period in European History 2. they did not travel very far 3. 500 - 1350 AD
Name 3 things about the Crusades? 1. a series of wars between Christians and Arabs (Muslim's) 2. 1100 - 1300 experiences exotic things and food 3. they were unable to get the Holy Land (Jerusalem)
Name 3 things about the Renaissance? 1. 1300 - 1600 2. learning increases vastly 3. French renewal
Name 3 things about Johannes Gutenberg? 1. German inventor 2. invented the printing press 3. the printing press made books more available and transfer of knowledge easier
Name 3 tings about Prince Hennery? 1. known as the Navigator 2. Portuguese lord who created a school for sailors and navigators 3. wants the Portuguese to explore Africa
Name 3 things about Bartholomew Dias? 1. reached the South tip of Africa in 1488 2. from Portugal 3. sea captain trained by Prince Henery
Name 3 things about Vasco de Gama? 1. Portuguese 2. sailor by Prince Hennery 3. he sailed around the tip of Africa in 1498 to India, discovered new spices
Name 3 things about Christopher Columbus? 1. an Italian sailor for Spain 2. a new route to India for him meant sailing west till he went east 3. "discovered america"
What is a Monarch? king or queen that divided the land to nobles, they were weak
What is feudalism? ruled by lords who owe loyalty to a monarch, a pretty simple life
What is a manor? a district ruled by a lord, including the lord's castle, peasants huts, and surrounding fields
What is a serf? a serf is a peasant who works for a lord and cannot leave the manor without permission
What is a magnetic compass? a deice that shows which direction is north
What is an astrolabe? an instrument used to measure the positions of the stars and figure out the latitude
What is a caravel? a ship with a steering rudder and triangular sails
What is a colony? a group of people who move to a new land and are still ruled by the government of their native land
Describe how each of the following changed Europe (A) the Crusades (B) the Renaissance (A) The crusades introduced the Europeans to new exotic trade goods and new technologies for example the magnetic compass. (B) The Renaissance sparked new things for example medicine
Why did Western European Rulers want to find new routes to Asia? The trade gives them money and money gives them power. That cuts out the Arabs and Italians
How did Columbus's voyages affect (A) Europeans (B) Native Americans? (A)Europeans grew rich and seized land and were finding new foods. (B) Native Americans were forced to be slaves and lost land
What is a noble? lords that owed loyalty to monarchs, armies
What was the Middle Ages? A time when little was known about the world and there was not a lot of freedom. Life revolved around the manor and society was based on loyalty.
What was a religion that mostly everyone was? Christian or Roman Catholic. It had a lot more power and influence
Created by: saml6319