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3S353 Vol 2 UREs

3S353 CDCs Volume 2

Identify the item that is kept current as an objective of the management engineering program (MEP). Manpower Standards
Which management engineering program (MEP) tool is the Air Force approved methodology for developing manpower quantification models? The capability-based manpower standard (CMS)
Which management engineering program tool (MEP) is used to determine the initial impact of a new mission? The manpower or man-hour assessment
Which management engineering program (MEP) tool provides commmanders or managers assistance by rapidly evaluating manpower-related issues? The manpower or man-hour assessment
When should the manpower technician consider using the management advisory study (MAS) methodology of the management engineering program (MEP)? A short term analysis is needed to resolve an issue
When should the manpower technician NOT consider using the management advisory study (MAS) methodology of the management engineering program (MEP)? As a method to quantify manpower or man-hours for the purpose of programming future requirements
Which management engineering program (MEP) tool are the study results confidential and released ONLY to official parties, with the permission of the client? The management advisory study (MAS)
When determining feasibility the lead team discovers that the function WILL allow for ease of the follow on phases like measurement. Which consideration is the study team assessing? Degree of Standardization
How will the lead team choose to capture manpower with a capability-based manpower standard (CMS) when they discover that only slight differences exist between input locations? Develop a variance
When determining feasibility, which consideration is the lead team assessing when they discover the function under study is pending a work center transformation causing the study to be delayed? Stability
In the feasibility phase, which consideration is weighed as the lead team considers a delay because the functional community has yet to commit to the study effort? Availability of resources
Which consideration is being addressed during the feasibility phase, when the lead team identifies several unique Federal Aviation Administration mandates that establish unique workload for your function under study? External mandates
Identify the practice of identifying ALL the positions included in the scope of your study effort. Baseline pulling
Identify the practice that prevents and/or eliminates the possibility one postion will be studied under two or more capability-based manpower studies. Baseline tagging
During initial baseline review, inconsistencies are forwarded to which agency for resolution prior to workload measurement? HQ USAF/Manpower, Organization and Resources Requirements Division
What is released across the AF and also solicits manpower and functional points of contact for a management engineering study effort? Study Announcement Message
The third manpower requirements squadron (MRS) sent over a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to the hospital pharmacy. What type of management engineering program (MEP) service is beginning? The management advisory study (MAS)
Which is NOT a purpose of a memorandum of understanding (MOU)? List the potential workloads
MSgt George is entering the familiarization phase of the management engineering program (MEP) study effort, which comprehensive research method can he use to answer a lot of initial questions before conducting a onsite visit? Documentation review
Where does the lead team look to uncover information regarding current and projected events concerning a function under study? Organizational or functional websites
Which documentation contains the career development courses (CDC) of the function under study? Specialty training material
During the documentation reveiw, who validates assigned military and civilian strength information? Work center supervisor
During the documentation review of the familiarization phase, what does the lead team reference to determine the percentage of members performing specific jobs or tasks? Occupational survey reports
During familiarization, the lead team chooses which approach to collect information NOT available from other sources quickly and inexpensively? Questionnaires
When gathering information during the familiarization phase, which skill level would provide the best technical information? 7
When gathering information during the familiarization phase, which skill level provides the best information about the processes performed inside the work center? 5
During familiarization, the study team chooses which approach when time is limited and disagreement is strong? Group interviews
Which practices must the study team not observe when conducting an on-site observation? Rely on general impressions for findings
During the familiarization phase, which observation does the lead team follow to identify potential process improvements inside and outside government agencies? Benchmarking
Who would we not allow, under any circumstance, to conduct the measurements needed to determine appropriate man-hours? Functional community
Non-measurement approaches tend to be more expensive due to less efficient requirements
The purpose of the measurement workshop is to develop a process oriented description (POD)
All of these are considerations for finding a workshop location except number of team participants
When, if possible, should you reconcile workshop measurement data with the senior functional manager? During the workshop
Participant consensus, fewer scheduling issues, and less temporary duty (TDY) travel are all benefits of field measurement
Identify a drawback when using the field measurement approach? Data errors (corrections and adjustments) and variation in the data increases
The lead team will develop a comprehensive measurement plan (MEASPLAN) and distribute it to all of which locations? Input
Which part of the measurement plan (MEASPLAN) outline would indicate the lead team is to use operational audit (OA) as the preferred study methodology? General study information
Which part of the measurement plan (MEASPLAN) outline contains a narrative description of conditions that affects the way work is performed at the input locations? Measurement instructions
Which part of the measurement plan (MEASPLAN) identifies collection instructions for the workload data? Measurement instructions
The work unit is not utilized when building a correlation and regression model
When does potential workload factor identification begin? During study design
What is the main step in the procedures for identifying potential workload factors (PWLF) for measurement? Identify work units not controlled by the function under study
Which is an example of an Air Force-approved work load factor (WLF)? Flying hours logged
During a management engineering program (MEP) study effort, what is the driving factor that proves the cause and effect relationship of a potential work load factor (WLF)? Manpower analyst
What is the main purpose for conducting a study of the functional structure to identify significant processes and the output products or units of production? Set the stage for picking potential workload factors (PWLF)
When developing a process oriented description (POD), what will the lead team include with the completed process flowcharts? Narrative activity description
What method must the lead team utilize to prepare the process oriented description (POD) for a production oriented work center? Process flowcharts
When creating a non-production oriented process oriented description (POD), the lead team developed a position description of major duties. Which standards development method did they use? Minimum manpower
Which statement would be considered an acceptable title for a process step? Repairs engine
What could happen if you write steps in a process oriented description (POD) in the plural form in order to cover as much work as possible? Hinders measurement data analysis
Which time classification category represents the basis for all other man-hours per month? Assigned
The lead team explains that although workers have to in- and out- process at their work centers it is not represented in the process oriented description (POD) because it is already included in which time classification? Nonavailable
The lead team explains that although workers have to conduct additional duties it is not represented in the process oriented description (POD) because it is included in which time classification? Nonavailable
When classifying time, which classification does the lead team consider for work that is validated and is required by a major command or higher directives? Direct
How does the lead team explain to a functional that a task was classified as inferred work and should be reviewed? The task is considered the responsibility of another work center
What measurement method is a widely used and flexible work measurement method that can be used to set standards in practically any type of work center? Operational audit
What measurement method are you employing if you are measuring a work center using historical records, directed requirements, good operator timing, and technical estimate techniques? Operation audit
How many months of data are workload values normally collected by the lead team in operational audit (OA)? 12 months
Which one of these could you use to determine the “per accomplishment time” when the measurement method employed is operational audit (OA)? Technical estimate
You do not need pace rating for good operator timing if there is an average individual
What method would you use to determine the per accomplishment time when it is affected by varying levels of complexity? Weighted average
What method would you use synthesized task man-hour values to determine the per accomplishment time (PAT)? Standard data
What nonmeasurement method involves running developed models using differing constraints or conditions to determine the best mix of resource costs and level of service obtained? Simulation modeling
Who is responsible for maintaining the standard logistics composite modeling (LCOM) system? The Air Force Manpower Agency (AFMA)
When using the logistics composite modeling (LCOM) programs, the simulation process begins with available aircraft in the ready pool
Which involves a mathematical study of waiting lines? Queuing analysis
The use of minimum manpower requirements and associated standby time are often the result of management decisions
What method would you use to determine manpower requirements in situations where work center individuals must be on duty to ensure uninterrupted service, even though they may not be continuously productive? Minimum manpower factor
In minimum manpower, what type of position time calculates work that occurs before position coverage starts? Related
After a functional office of primary responsibility confirms minimum manpower requirements, the manpower and organization personnel show the manager how the needed performance standards should be met with minimum standby time
What is a method that recognizes the long-standing use of manpower and standard operating procedures in a work center whose requirements are dictated by some other factor than traditional workload? Whole manpower
Which whole manpower method captures positions that need to be on duty even though the individual may not be continuously productive? Directed requirements
Using a sample to reach conclusions about entire populations is the bases of what type of statistical concept? Inductive
What is the term for the uncertainty that a particular event will occur? Probability
What theory deals with a known population and concerns calculating the chance of observing a particular sample? Probability
Which of these measures do we not use to calculate the measure of dispersion for a sample population? Mode
What measure have you calculated when you subtract the highest value from the lowest value in a population sample? Range
Which measure have you determined if you have calculated the absolute average measure of dispersion of sample values from their mean? Variance
What results from regression analysis and is used to form the regression equation? Regression coefficients
What represents the dependant variable in the equation Yc = a + bX? Y
What represents the “Y-intercept” in the equation Y = a + bX? a
Which reason would require you to reject an equation as a manpower model for a work center? Failed the F-test
What two criteria must an equation meet to be acceptable as a manpower model Economic and realistic
The linear equation, Y=a+bX, is realistic when b≥0 and the a value is not considered
What test would you use to determine if the individual coefficients of an equation are significantly different from zero? T-test
Which value in the ratio unit times equation would the lead team select to represent variable work load? b-value
Minimum essential work center requirements must be engineered and documented independent of resource availability
Which statement explains the simplified method of determining skill-level and grades when measurement involves multiple locations? Average skill and grade estimates received from each input location
You are conducting a study that employs a measurement method that involves the use of C&R to determine manpower skills and grades; during which study phase is the skill distribution percentages determined for each step in the POD? Study planning
You are conducting a study that employs a measurement method that involves the use of C&R to determine manpower skills and grades; you plot a scattergram for each Air Force specialty code (AFSC) during data analysis and computation to spot any obvious inconsistencies in recommended skills
In an ideal situation, what are the recommended grade percentages for the 7-skill level? 40 percent MSgt and 60 percent TSgt
Extrapolation extends the regression line beyond the range of the input data in order to prevent rapid obsolescence due to workload changes
Which is not a manpower standard variance category? Mechanical
Which variance would include payback initiatives such as the Fast Payback Capital Investment Program (FASCAP)? Technological
Which office/agency develops variances that apply to more than one major command during a capability-based manpower standard (CMS) development effort? Air Staff
What part of the final report (FINREP) would the lead team explain why certain work centers were not included in the capability-based manpower standard (CMS)? Study summary
Which report or findings will the lead team prepare for that will include enough information for the client to carry out recommendations? Management advisory studies
How long do the parties have to concur or issue comments on the capability-based manpower standards (CMS) package? 30–60 days
Who reviews and comments on all capability-based manpower standards (CMS) before the lead team staffs it for approval? AF functional OPR and major command/manpower, organization, and resources (MAJCOM/A1M)
Created by: KelseyBuchholz
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