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Chapter 10 Reading

Reading notes from Chapter 10

amebiasis infestation with amebas
avitaminosis lack of vitamins
hyperdynamia excessive muscle activity
cardiodynamics science of the motions and forces involved in the heart's action
maxillary pertaining to the maxilla
labor mechanism process of the expulsion of the infant and the afterbirth through the birth canal in labor
defense mechanism any self-protective physiological reaction of an organism
metrectasia dilation of the uterus
hematometra build up of blood in the uterus
neonatal new born
psychoneurosis psychic or mental disturbances
dysneuria impairment of the nerve function
gastrohyperneuria excessive activity of the nerves of the stomach
-neurium nerve tissue
perineurium connective tissue cover around the nerve fibers
osmics the study of odors
pantosomatous pertaining to the whole body
pantalgia pain over the whole body
polcythemia excessive number of red corpuscles in the blood
postoral situated behind the mouth
postnatal after teh occurence of birth
posteriad toward the posterior party of the body
ramose branching
stricture abnormal narrowing of the canal, duct, or passage
spastic stricture a stricture due to a muscle spasm
integumentary system entire covering of the body including skin, hair, nails, skin glands, breast
-thermia the generation of heat
hyperthermia fever
-trichia , - trichosis conditions of the hair
nail plate pulling out of a diseased or infected outer layer of the nail
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