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3S353 Vol 1 UREs

3S353 CDCs Volume 1

Contingency manpower planning and execution is included in which manpower and organization core competency? Requirements determination
Managing the manpower programming and execution system is included in which manpower and organization core competency? Program allocation and control
Which document describes the manpower officer and noncommissioned officer duties and responsibilities? The Air Force officer and enlisted classification directories
Which organization has the approval authority for Air Force manpower standards? Headquarters United States Air Force, Director of Manpower, Organization and Resources
Which agency serves as the Air Force point of contact for all Air Force management engineering procedural matters? Air Force Manpower Agency
SSgt Wilson wants to retrain into Air Force Specialty 3S3X3. What is the minimum Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) score needed? 66
Which method is the best way to attract individuals to the manpower and organization career field? Personal Contact
Completion of the basic manpower apprentice course satisfies the knowledge portion of which skill level? 3 level
Which is not a requirement for award of the 7-skill level in the manpower career field? Complete the manpower craftsman course
To be eligible for the 9-skill level within the manpower career field, at a minimum, SSgt Smith must achieve what grade? SMSgt
To qualify for the Large Manpower and Organization Office of the Year award, an office must have a minimum of how many authorizations? 11
Who is responsible for selecting the manpower and organization (MO) Air Force annual award winners? Headquarters United States Air Force, Director of MO
Which Air Force organizational objective states organizations should be capable of adapting rapidly to changing external circumstances? Flexibility
What organizational principle promotes rapid decision making? Lean organizational structures
When used, intermediate organizations... consist of tactical functions only, without a full range of staff functions
What agency must approve deviations from a standard organizational structure for a winglevel organization? HQ USAF, Director of Manpower, Resources and Organization
What organizational entity provides for an unbroken chain of command? Unit
A unit that is serving away from its organization of assignment and is attached to another organization is called a Detached unit
What organizational entity is responsible for administrative control of all members assigned to a unit? Squadron Section
What level of organization is a subdivision of the Air Force, directly subordinate to the Air Force chief of staff? Direct Reporting Unit
What level of organization are tactical echelons that provide operational leadership and supervision? Numbered Air Force
What type of group has the same functions and responsibilities as a wing but its scope and size do not warrant wing-level designation? Independent
What is the basic unit in the Air Force? Squadron
Who oversees a major portion of the Air Staff and supervises the activities of directorates and field operating agencies? Deputy Chief of Staff
What is a staff element that is further divided into sections and elements? Branch
Organizational structure variances are submitted for approval by whom and why? Command; when a standard function does not exist at a location
What organizational structure generates and employs combat capability? Wing
Within the wing staff, what function directs war reserve material management? Plans
Which action would you take to provide the legal authority for a new unit? Constitute
What is automatically established when its headquarters unit is activated? Establishment
What provides the authority for a provisional unit? G-series Order
Who MUST approve an action to activate a unit? HQ USAF, Directorate of Manpower and Organization (HQ USAF/A1M)
What approved force structure action does NOT require a request for organizational action? Inactivate
Which of the eight questions, used as a checklist or guide to build an organizational change request, is answered by including current and proposed organization charts? What is the structure of the new organization?
How many months maximum is the test period for new organizations? 12
When a Department of the Air Force letter specifies the effective date of an organizational action, the action must occur within how days before or after that effective date? 30
When does an organizational action in a G-series order normally become effective? On the date of the order
What code identifies the relationship between units when creating an organizational chart? Parent unit PAS code
Which process is used to produce the Department of Defense portion of the president's budget? Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution
How many “on years” are the services creating a program objective memorandum for to fund their requirements during the planning, programming, budgeting and execution cycle? Two
What provides the initial top-level guidance for the Department of Defense budgeting program? National security strategy
What key document is prepared to convey the advice of the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff to the president, National Security Council, and the secretary of defense? National military strategy
What is published by the Office of the Secretary of Defense to set the amount of Total Obligation Authority for each of the services? Fiscal Guidance
What links the Air Force strategic planning directive to budget programming? Annual planning and programming guidance
What programming document does each Department of Defense (DOD) component develop to mark the beginning of the DOD programming phase? Program Objective memorandum
What entity does the Air Force use to vet new or changed budget program decisions submitted in the program objective memorandum? Air Force corporate structure
What is the purpose of the program review in the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System? Reach a decision on POM issues
One of the key purposes of the investment budget review adjustment is to protect the Air Force total obligation authority
The budget review begins when the program budget review is submitted to the... Office of the Secretary of Defense
What review of the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System allows leadership to adjust requirements for the start of the next cycle? Execution
What identifies individual programs to be funded in the Future Years Defense Program? Program Elements (PE)
How many major force programs are in the Future Years Defense Program? 11
Which position of an Air Force program element code identifies a specific major force program? First
What database does the Air Force use to track its portion of the resources programmed for a Department of Defense program? Force and Financial Plan
What shows the specific resource commodities of an overall Air Force program? Program documents
When does Headquarters United States Air Force, Director of Manpower, Organization, and Resources allocate manpower resources to the major commands (MAJCOM)? At the end of each Future Years Defense Program (FYDP) update
What action does a major command take when they increase their in-service civilian end strength? Reprogram dollars from existing accounts to fund the increase
Which agency is the approval authority for allocating fixed grades? Headquarters United States Air Force, Director of Manpower, Organization, and Resources
What percent of the total force establishes the maximum number of CMSgts that can serve on active duty? One percent
Which agency is responsible for preparing command grade factors? Air Force Manpower Agency
When allocating grades, what is done with student, transient, and patient grades? Withheld at Headquarters United States Air Force
In addition to military and in-service civilians, what other type of manpower resource is used by the Air Force? Contractors
Which position does custom or tradition dictate the incumbent be military? Honor Guard member
What is accomplished by tracking contracted workload and establishing contract manpower equivalents? Assures the Air Force doesn’t pay for the same services twice
How often are colonel positions reviewed by Headquarters United States Air Force, Director of Manpower, Organization, and Resources? Annually
Which is NOT a valid position to place a colonel in? Deputy Commander
Which Headquarters United States Air Force agency analyzes the impact of overseas manpower actions on existing continental United States rotation bases? Manpower, Organization, and Resources Requirements Division
Major commands affected by manpower ceilings make sure what type manpower authorizations do not exceed ceiling limitations? Unit Manpower Document (UMD)
Which aircrew position indicator would you assign to a navigator position performing primarily in the cockpit? 2
You are working at the major command level and processing a request proposing a change to an existing colonel rated staff authorization. Which office would you forward the request for consideration to? HQ USAF, Requirements and Utilization Division
Who exercises command authority over non-mobilized Air Force Reserve units? Commander, Air Force Reserve Component (AFRC)
What agency is responsible for determining mobilization manpower requirements? Gaining Command
What members of the Air Reserve Component are assigned the tasks to; organize, administer, instruct, recruit, and train for their reserve organization? Full-time support
In-service civilians can serve in which position? Air Reserve technician
Which is a valid reason for authorizing an individual mobilization augmentee? Augment the active duty component structure
What agency or center instructs user organization to delete individual mobilization augmentee requirements, other than wartime mobilization, if such positions are not funded and filled within three years of validation? Air Reserve Personnel Center
What office is responsible for evaluating and grading civilian position descriptions? Classification
Which individual establishes and chairs a corporate board to oversee the effective and efficient use of civilian resources? Installation commander
Which relationship is the most commonly used in a relational database? One-to-many
Which keys are an attribute or combination of attributes on the many side of a one-to-many relationship in a database? Foreign
Which is used in association with a database relationship to ensure attributes used in records of related tables are valid? Referential integrity
Which data is most important in the manpower data system? Unit authorization
How is the Manpower Programming and Execution System (MPES) accessed by analysts of various levels in the manpower and organization community since the MPES resides on servers? Web browser
Which module in the Manpower Programming and Execution System allows resource managers a detailed view of project changes and how those changes impact a specific program? Future year defense program
What classifies a manpower requirement record as wartime execution, authorization, peacetime, wartime plan, and contract manpower equivalent? Manpower type code
Which attribute is used to show that a requirement or authorization should be filled only by an individual with advanced training in their primary Air Force Specialty Code? Special Experience Identifier
What link in the Manpower Programming and Execution System keeps a copy of requested downloads for up to 12 hours after request? My files
Which query function allows a manpower technician to extract data in the unit manpower document format? Quick query
What unit manpower document sequence is the default order and is the most useful to the units supported by manpower personnel? Office symbol code
What unit manpower document sequence is primarily used to apply manpower standards or other manpower determinants? Functional account code
Where is the unit-level information provided on the unit manpower document? In the header of each page
The requirement records for each functional account code and office symbol code are presented in sequence by what indicator on the unit manpower document? Position number
What is the most critical step in the authorization change request process? Evaluation
Created by: KelseyBuchholz
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