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SAT Vocab Flashcards


colloquial pertaining to conversational or common speech
compile assemble; gather; accumulate
complacency self-satisfaction; smugness
conflagration great fire
confound confuse; puzzle
cordial gracious; heartfelt
criterion standard used in judging
cryptic mysterious; hidden; secret
culpable deserving blame
debilitate weaken; enfeeble
depravity extreme corruption; wickedness
deprecate express disapproval of; belittle
deride ridicule; make fun of
derivative unoriginal; derived from another source
digression wandering away from the subject
diligence steadiness of effort; persistent hard work
disclose reveal
discount disregard; dismiss
discriminating able to see differences
disdain scorn
disinclination a lack of inclination; reluctance
disputatious argumentative; fond of arguing
dissent disagree
divergent varying; going in different directions from the same point
coalesce combine; fuse
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