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2AX5X Vol 1 Unit 4

74 Self Test Questions

What TO covers aircraft hardware? TO 1-1A-8, Aircraft and Missile Repair--Structural Hardware.
The size of a bolt is stated in what terms? Length, diameter, and threads per inch.
Define the grip length of a bolt? Unthreaded portion.
What type of a bolt is available with thin heads for use in tight places? Hex head.
What kind of bolt is used where shearing or sideways stress occurs? Clevis.
What special-purpose bolt is used where external tension loads are applied? Eyebolt.
What feature distinguishes the internal wrenching bolt from other bolts? The head is recessed.
List three kinds of non self-locking nuts. Plain, check, and wing nuts.
List the uses for plain washers. (1) Provide a smooth bearing surface. (2) Act as shims in obtaining the correct relationship between threads of the bolt and the nut. (3) Adjust the portion of castellated nuts with respect to the drilled cotter pin holes. (4) Under lock-washers to pr
How are screws usually described? By the shape of their head.
What type of rivet is usually used for fastening aircraft structures? Common, solid shank.
What type of aircraft fastener is not designed to carry a structural load? Quick-release fasteners.
How is cable size determined? By the diameter.
Why are some cables coated with a nylon jacket? To increase the service life by keeping lubricants in and dirt out and dampening vibration.
What is the purpose of a turnbuckle? To adjust the tension on aircraft cables.
Pulleys are made of what? Molded or machine phenolic of light alloy metal such as aluminum.
What keeps cables from coming in contact with structural parts of the aircraft? Fairleads.
What's the purpose of a pressure seal? To prevent pressure loss in these areas.
What units are used to transmit motion about an axis and to change the direction of force of a cable or push-pull rod? Quadrants and bell cranks.
What is a control rod? Rigid devices that transmit push and pull motions.
What devices limit movement of a control surface? Stops.
Where are torque tubes used in flight control systems? Where they are needed to transmit twisting force.
How are aluminum alloy and stainless steel tubing easily distinguished? By their different metallic luster. In addition, aluminum alloy tubing may be stamped with the actual alloy designation.
Where is aluminum-alloy tubing commonly used? As a return line.
Why is stainless steel tubing preferred on external brake lines and other exposed system lines? To prevent damage caused by flying gravel and stones and ground-handling accidents.
What color is an aluminum alloy tube fitting? Blue.
Describe the color-code tape used in identifying hydraulic lines. Blue band, yellow band, and white band overprinted with a row of black bordered circles.
A system line is 38 inches long and passes through a bulkhead. The bulkhead divides the line so that 25 inches are on one side. How many bands of tape should the line have? Three.
Before you install a tubing assembly, you should inspect it for what conditions? Obstructions, dents, scratches, and damage to the flared ends.
What can result from over-tightening a tubing nut? May damage the tubing flare, or damage the sleeve or nut of the fitting.
What information can be obtained from markings on flexible hoses? Manufacturer's code number or symbol marking, the date of manufacture, size and specification numbers are also marked on the hose.
What prevents chafing of a passing through a bulkhead? Bulkhead-type grommets and cushion clips and ensuring adequate clearance.
How should hose connections be made to an engine or engine-mounted accessories? Install the hose so that 1 1/2 inches of slack or an adequate bend is provided between the last point of support and the attachment to the engine or accessory.
What safety-wire method is most commonly used? Double-twist.
Using the double-twist method, how many closely space bolts can be safetied in a series? No more than you can secure with a 24 inch length of wire.
When is 0.032 inch safety cable used to safety parts? When parts have a nominal hole diameter of 0.075 inch or smaller.
What is a retaining ring? A retaining ring is a fastener that holds components onto a shaft or in a housing/bore when installed in a groove and the retained part until it can go no further.
When are spiral retaining rings used? Where there is little clearance between the housing and the part to be retained.
What parts of a Cannon plug ensure connector halves aren't mismatched? A key and keyway arrangement in the barrel of the plug and receptacle.
AN-type Cannon plugs are being replaced with what type of plugs? MS.
What TO provides information concerning connector repair? TO 1-1A-14.
Why is aluminum foil not used as a cover for cannon plugs? May cause a short circuit.
Why should you not attempt to remove a Cannon plug's insert from the shell? It is permanently bonded and can't be removed without destroying it.
What do torque wrenches measure? The force of pull in pounds when tightening hardware; nuts, bolts, clamps, etc.
How do indicating-type torque wrenches display the applied torque? By a pointer that moves over an indicating scale.
What type of torque wrench automatically released when you apply a predetermined amount of torque? Breakaway.
How much free travel does the breakaway toque wrench allow when the preset toque level is reached? Approximately 5 to 10 degrees.
What may happen if you over-tighten a component greater than the value set on a torque wrench? It may cause internal damage to the torque wrench, it adds a higher torque value to the part, and part failure could occur.
What is the working range of a breakaway or indicating type torque wrench? Not lower than 20 percent and not greater than the rated capacity of the torque wrench.
When torqueing a bolt, to what should you set the torque value? The upper limit of the specified torque value allowed by the TO.
When you're using a torque wrench to tighten a series of nuts, do you tighten each nut to the specified torque before starting to torque the other nuts? No, gradually tighten each until they all meet the specified toque and tighten the nuts opposite of each other in sequence.
Before storing a torque wrench, to what setting should you set the grip? Why? Lowest; this removes tensions from the spring in the handle and preserves the accuracy of the torque wrench.
Torque wrenches should have some kind of label(paper, tape, or other) on the handle. What information do you determine from this label before using the torque wrench? The calibration date.
What do you do if you discover that a torque wrench is overdue calibration? Don't use it; turn it in for calibration.
What are the two stresses a fastener takes when tightened? 1. Torsion 2. Tension
Why is breakaway torque measured? To ensure product integrity.
What is prevailing torque usually associated with? Self-Locking screws and nuts.
What is a multi meter? A combined instrument consisting of an ammeter, voltmeter, and ohmmeter.
What is the major advantage of a Fluke multi meter? The ability to take readings without having to look at the display at the same time as you are looking at the test leads.
How many input receptacles does the Fluke meter have? Four.
What are the different Fluke meter modes of operation? Range, Relative, minimum/maximum, and hold-reset/min/max.
When does the Fluke meter perform a self test? Every time you turn the meter on.
Which measuring technique should you use for troubleshooting a loose wire? Continuity.
What should be done if the digital meter goes from OL to 0 when performing a continuity check? Continue using it (this is the normal indication).
What is a feeler gauge? A tool used to the gap between two parts.
What is incorporated into the feeler gauge case? A locking screw.
What are three commonly used micrometers? Outside micrometer, inside micrometer, depth micrometer.
What determines a micrometer's range? The longest movement possible between the spindle and the anvil of the micrometer.
What do outside calipers measure? Outside diameter.
How are simple calipers adjusted? By pulling or pushing the legs to open or close them?
What are transfer calipers used for? Measure chambered grooves or flanges.
How are slide calipers graduated? Inches, fractions or millimeters.
What is used on depth gauges as the reference surface or master standard from which measurements are taken? The supporting block.
What must be done to the depth gauge before any measurements are taken? You must zero the gauge before measuring any depth.
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