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ServSafe Chapter 4

Chapter review

Name three types of thermometers. Bimetallic stemmed, Thermocouple, Thermistor, Infrared,Stick on (TTI)
When checking temperatures, what part of the product do you insert it in? The thickest part.
What type of thermometer needs to be calibrated often? Bimetallic stemmed.
How is it calibrated? Put in cup of ice water. When reading stabilizes, adjust to 33* by holding the calibration nut and turning dial.
Which thermistor probe attachment is used to measure temperature in a deep pot of soup? Immersion probe.
Which thermistor probe attachment is used to measure temperature of a walk in refrigerator? Air probe.
What does TDZ stand for? Temperature Danger Zone
What happens in the TDZ? Bacteria grows rapidly.
What is the temperature range in the TDZ? 41* - 135*
What is Time - Temperature Abuse? When products are in the TDZ.
What does TCS food stand for? Temperature Control for Safety foods.
How can you avoid Temperature Abuse? Only take out what you can complete working with within 30 minutes. Keep raw TCS foods on ice when working with them.
Name 3 TCS foods. Raw meats, dairy, cooked meats, grains and starches, seafood etc.
What is cross-contamination? When bacteria is moved from one surface to another.
What is the number 1 way to prevent cross-contamination? Washing hands.
Name 3 ways to prevent cross-contamination. Change cutting board between cutting raw meats and vegetables, do not cut raw meats next to raw vegetables etc.
When can you use the same cutting board for raw meats and then fresh vegetables? After it's been cleaned and sanitized.
How does buying prepared foods cut back on cross-contamination? The less you have to work with foods, the lower the chance of cross-contamination.
A thermometer must be accurate within how many degrees? +/- 2*
What temperature does bacteria grow the most rapidly in the TDZ? 70* - 125*
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