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2AX5X Vol 1 Unit 2

80 Self Test Questions

What is the basic function of maintenance? To ensure the assigned aircraft and equipment are safe, serviceable, and properly configured to meet mission needs.
The degree of maintenance capability depends on what? 1. Mission requirements 2. Economics of repair 3. Transportation limitations 4. Component reliability 5. Workload agreements 6. Facility requirements 7. Task Frequency 8. Special Training Required
What are the two basic types of maintenance performed at unit level? 1. On-equipment 2. Off-equipment
What does preventative maintenance on our equipment help ensure? Ensures that equipment is ready available when needed.
What TO describes preventative maintenance concepts? TO 00-20-1, Aerospace equipment maintenance inspection, documentation, policies, and procedures.
What, if properly used helps determine where your organization has been, where you are going, and how (or if) you are going to get there? Maintenance performance indicators.
Which MPI is perhaps the best-known yardstick for measuring a maintenance unit's performance? Mission Capable(MC) rate.
What are some of the issues that can contribute to a low MC rate? Experiencing many hard breaks, parts supportability shortfalls, workforce management issues, or high commitment rates.
Which Maintenance Performance Indicator (MPI) is perhaps the most important and accurate measure of unit's maintenance quality? Repeat/recur rate
What can you do to contribute to keeping a low repeat/recur (R/R) rate? Ensure that you always use the proper technical data in all parts of inspecting, troubleshooting, and repairing aircraft.
When are discrepancies considered deferred/delayed? They are discovered and the decision is made to defer them; they are scheduled with a start date greater than five calendar days after the discovery date; or, they are AWPs with a valid off-base requisition.
What should you do if you have a lot of deferred discrepancies (DD) and it will be a long time before your aircraft is scheduled for extended downtime? Co-ordinate with production superintendent and PS&D Scheduler and try to get some downtime to fix as many DD's as possible.
List three processes of the MDD system? Collecting, Storing, and Retrieving maintenance data.
What off-base agencies use the information provided through MDD? AFMEA, MAJCOMs, and the DOD.
On base, which individuals receive maintenance data documentation (MDD) information feedback? Base managers and supervisors.
Which major command is responsible for the overall material management of Air Force systems and equipment? AFMC.
What does aircraft configuration management (ACM) provide unit managers the capability to determine? The actual versus approved configuration of the aircraft.
In what TO can you find the details for recording specific entries of AFTO 781 series forms? TO 00-20-1
What AFTO 781 series form is the identification documents for the series binder? AFTO 781F
What AFTO 781 series form is used for recording flight time, sorties, or events for input into the MIS? AFTO 781
Aircraft maintenance status and servicing information is entered on what AFTO 781 series form? AFTO 781H
What AFTO 781 series form is used to record discrepancies discovered by aircrew or maintenance personnel? AFTO 781A
What AFTO 781 series form is used to record engine oil time? AFTO 781J
What AFTO 781 series form is used to record delayed discrepancies and calendar inspection information? AFTO 781K
What AFTO 781 series form is a continuation of the calendar and hourly inspection item schedule shown on AFTO form 781K. AFTO 781D
What AFTO 781 series form contains basic information to aid in making entries on the 781A and 781K forms? AFTO 781M
What is an AFTO Form 95 used for? For a permanent record of significant maintenance actions on aerospace equipment including engines, engine modules, and designated MDS specific -6 TO components.
What happens to the AFTO Form 95 when you remove and replace a component having an AFTO Form 95? It accompanies the equipment being transferred.
What is IMDS designed to give managers? Visibility and control of resources at the unit level.
Which subsystem of IMDS provides the capability to order needed parts? IMDS CDB/SBSS Interface.
Why are preventative maintenance schedules entered into IMDS? To track and report completion, deviation, or rescheduling actions.
What Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS) subsystem provides information about jobs performed by maintenance activities? IMDS JDD Subsystem.
What is the purpose of initial evaluation? Determine the specific tasks the individual is or is not qualified to do.
As a trainer, what is your responsibility in cases where a newcomer is qualified on a task required for the new work center? Verify his or her qualifications to ensure he or she is still proficient to perform that task.
What is the purpose of a graduate assessment survey (GAS)? Enables the trainer to let the schoolhouse know how the student is doing.
What is a CFETP? A comprehensive education and training document the identifies life-cycle education and training requirements, training support resources, core and home station training, and deployment/unit type code (UTC) task requirements for an air force specialty.
What type of information is found in Part 1 of the CFETP? Information necessary for the overall management of the specialty.
In what part and section of the Career Field Education Training Plan (CFETP) do you find information that identifies the duties, tasks, and technical references to support training? Part 2 section A.
What is TBA? An Air Force portal, web-based application providing air force personnel real-time visibility of qualifications, certifications, and status of training.
What is the purposes of TBA? Allows authorized users with ready access to training-related information currently maintained in many different places and not readily accessible to those who need the information.
What is the description of the training manager's role in TBA? This role has oversight of an organization.
Who is ultimately responsible for the personnel assigned? Commander
Who has the most capability in the Training Business Area (TBA)? Workcenter supervisor.
All users will have access to this role? Trainee.
Who manages one or more work centers? Flight Chief.
Who initiates task authentication within the Individual Training Plan (ITP)? Trainer.
What makes up a TO library? One or more current TOs with all changes, revisions, and supplements that is maintained on a continuing basis, or a special purpose library that might contain noncurrent TOs.
Where would you find a transient aircraft library? On bases where it is common to service or perform organizational or intermediate-level maintenance on aircraft not normally assigned to the base.
What information is required on a TO binder? Binder number and contents of binder.
What group of a TO number tells you the type of TO? Group Three.
What are the functions of groups four through six of a TO number? They break the TO down into system and subsystem.
Enhanced Technical Information Management System (ETIMS) is web-based through the Air Force Portal to assist with what TO functions? TO Catalog search and ordering of TOs and TO account management.
What's the purpose of the List of Applicable Publication (LOAP)? Provide a listing of all TOs that apply to a specific military system and related end items.
What are the four major types of TOs? Technical manuals, abbreviated TOs, TCTOs, methods and Procedures Technical Orders (MPTO).
Describe the types of information found in technical manuals. Operation, service, maintenance, inspection of complex weapon system, overhaul of component parts.
How are the columns in Section I of the TS manual labeled? Trouble, probable cause, remedy.
What schematic diagrams are included in Section II of the TS manual. Each of the related systems for that TO.
Name three types of abbreviated TOs. Check Lists (CL), Work Cards (WC), and Charts.
Why does the Air Force use abbreviated TOs To simplify use.
What are some examples of abbreviated CLs? Aircraft towing, aircraft jacking, oxygen servicing, refueling and defueling, and engine run.
What type of TOs list minimum inspection requirements? Work cards.
What are the five types of TCTOs covered in the text? 1. Immediate actions 2. Urgent Action 3. Routine Action 4. Record 5. Interim
Which type of TCTO has red Xs around the first page? Immediate Action.
What type of TCTO is issued for a potentially hazardous condition that could result in injury to personnel or damage to property. Urgent Action
Which TCTO is issued for a mechanical condition that would constitute a hazard through prolonged usage? Routine Action.
Which TCTO does not list step-by-step procedures? Record.
How are interim time compliance technical order (ITCTOs) issued? Electronic means.
What category are Methods and Procedures Technical Order (MPTOs)? OO
What form is used for TO improvement reporting? AFTO IMT 22.
What are the three classifications of TO improvement reports? Emergency, urgent, and routine.
Emergency TO improvement reports are submitted for what reason? When a fatality, serious injury, extensive damage, or destruction of equipment or property results or if it affects the ability to achieve or maintain an operational posture, including work stoppage.
What type of improvement report is submitted if safety could be jeopardized? Urgent.
What type of report is for TO deficiencies and is processed within 45 days? Routine.
What are two categories of publications? Directive and non directive.
What type of publication does not list procedures or detailed "how-to" instructions? Policy directives (PDs).
What type of publication is used to direct action and ensure compliance across the Air Force? Instruction
Which type of directive publication has two categories--departmental and field level? Manuals.
What is the purpose of an Operating Instruction (OI)? Assign responsibility, direct actions, and prescribe procedures.
What nondirective publication that explains or instructs can be permanent? Visual Aids.
Where can you find a listing of current Air Force manuals, pamphlets, instructions and visual aids (VA) online? Air Force E-Publishing website.
Created by: Fah_Q
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