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How many elected officials are there in the U.S? 500,000
What happens when elections result in a change of party control? the power is transferred peacefully
Why is it important to understand the process by which decisions are made? Because the government shapes how we live
How should we govern America? by the standards of an "ideal" democracy
What should our government do? Some believe they should take on more responsibilities and others feel they should take on less
What does the preamble do? it tests the function of the government
True or False: Citizens agree on what their government should do? False
What are the 5 duties of government? Maintain a national defense, provide public goods and services, preserve order, socialize the youth, and collect taxes
How much money is spent in national defense in one year? $650 billion
What are the two types of goods and services? Collective goods and services provided to only a small population
the national guard was called out to a riot after what verdict? 1992 Rodney King
What do most modern governments pay for? education
what are taxes money that pays for public goods and services
What is the only way for the governemt to make money? taxes
Rituals like the daily pledge do what? foster patriotism and love of the country
Governments provide a wide range of ________? public services
The government spend billions of dollars on what? schools, libraries, hospitals, highways, and many other public goods
True or False: The defense budget has went up since 9/11? true
True or False: protests in large numbers do not resort in extreme measures to restore order false
approximately one out of every three dollars earned by citizens goes to..... national, state, and local taxes