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Generic Name Ibuprofen
company names Advil,Motrin,and Nuprin
classification antipyretic,analgesic,and NSAID ( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug)
uses mild to moderate pain,dysmenorrhea,rheumatoid arthritis,and fever
Route PO ( taken by mouth)
Antipyretic Anti- aginst,pyr-heat or fever,ic-pertaining to (fever reducer)
analgesic an-without,algia-pain,ic-prtaining to
dysmenorrhea dys-difficult or painful,menses-blood and disgarge from uterusnduring cycle,orrhea-flow or discharge (deep menstral cramps)
Artheritis Arther-joint,itis-inflammation (swelling, redness,pain)
dyspepsia dys-difficult or painful,pepsis-digestion,ia-condition of or abnormal
Gastrointestinal gastro-stomach,intestnes,al-pertaining to (pertaining to stomach and intestines)
hepatitis hepat-liver,itis-inflammation (inflammation of the liver)
Anaphylaxis An-extreme,sometimes fatal,ellergic reaction
Side effects headache,constipation,dyspepsia,nausea,emisis,dizziness,drowsiness,GI bleeding,hepatitis,and anaphylaxis
Care considerations dont use with GI bleeding,heart,kidney,or liver disease
Created by: milesdailey