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Europe's features

physical features, population distribution, &environmental concerns

Danube River runs from germanys black forest to the black sea sounds like cus word
Rhine River From the Alps to the North Sea rimes with srine
Volga River Longest river in Russia sounds like vocal
English Channel small body of H20 connects France and UK remember puke & bread story
European Plan Europe's main source of farm land
The Alps the rhine river runs through me I'm a mountain range I run through Austria,Italy,Switzerland, & France
Iberian peninsula I include Spain & Portugal the Pyrenees mountains separate me from the other land masses
Pyrenees Mountain Range borders spain and France separator the Iberian peninsula
Scandinavian peninsula I include Norway & Sweden and sound like a scam
Mediterranean Sea borders Europe and Africa Mr.G swam in it with a purple speedo
Climate typical weather conditions for a region
Natural resources useful, not man made, & is found Ex: coal,water,& minerals
population the # of people/ arrangement in a region
Urban city or place with a higher population
Rural countryside or place with lower population
Germany has a dense population/ more Urban/ more live near the danube and Rhine rivers
Italy warm climate because its located on mediterranean Sea
Russia not as densely populated as other European countries, few navigable rivers,has many natural resources located under permafrost
United Kingdom also known as the UK is densely populated with a rainy climate
Acid Rain water that contains high levels of chemicals
Air pollution Harmful chemicals such as smoke or gas that contaminate the air
Nuclear Radiation Radioactive pollution that is caused by chemical from nuclear reactors
Chernobyl Ukraine The exact location of a nuclear power plant that exploded on April 26,1986
The Black Forest A polluted forest in Germany
UK Country with Major pollution problems in its magi or cites it was also the FIRST INDUSTRIALIZED nation in Europe
Created by: Jarissa