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The Nazi Party

During the Golden Years

Why did the Golden Years and the socio-economic groups targeted by Nazi canvassing stop the Nazis from gaining votes in 1924-28? not interested in voting for an extremist party, already prosperous and stable, not wanting change
What changed in Nazi tactics in 1928 and why? Problems in German agriculture, 1927, farmers finding it difficult to compete with cheap imports from abroad, Nazis began systematic campaign to gain votes from angry farmers, they appealed to the weakening of the agriculture’s economy
What happened to US loans. German exports to the USA, banks and unemployment in 1930-32? US loans stopped, America’s depression reduced amount of international trade so German exports oculd not sell goods abroad, unemployment rose rapidly as businesses closed down
What impact did the Great Dep. have on WR? Sep.1930, Bruening called an election to gain more support for his SPD-led coalition, Nazis=2nd biggest party=107 seats, economic recession made worse as foreigners worried that Nazi gains would make the country unstable, so they withdrew their loans
Explain “negative cohesion” and how it helped the Nazis succeed in elections? when people join together due to similarities in distastes not in likes, Hitler gained support as the people had the same fears as him (JEWS, and COMMUNISTS)
How did the fear of a Communist revolution help the Nazis gain support? Party made primarily of Farmers and middle-class merchants and craftsmen (they are the people who would lose their business if the Ks came to power)
Why were so many people disillusioned with democracy by 1933? actions of the WR did not all work out
Why were the September 1930 elections such a shock for the Weimar Govt? Nazis as 2nd highest party with 107 seats, KPD had 77 seats whilst in May 1928, they only had 12 seats
How did the Weimar cultural decadence help speed the Republic’s demise? Nazis depised the culture decadence and so gained further support from people who were more conservative
How important was Nazi Propaganda in gaining their support? Nazis gradually increasing all their memberships, many parties were established due to fanatical Nazis, Joseph Goebbels to take charge of the propa. He appealed to feelings rather than rational judgement, produced a variety of media, generalized slogans
Who voted for the Nazis? People who blamed the November Criminals, from rural communities, protestants, middle-class business men and professionals, young people
Why did a fear of Civil war lead to Hitler’s appointment? 100,000 men only from the army but the Nazis had 400k whilst the KPD had 350k thus they decided to join them instead
What did Hindenburg feel about Hitler? charismatic public speaker, dominating, yet an arrogant fool
How did Hindenburg’s beliefs and ideas shape his choice? both wanted to change the constitution to a more authoritarian government, Hitler already had 37% of the votes from the NSDAP, largest single party in Germany
What were Hitler’s intentions and concerns? Wanted to take the role of chancellor to be able to control the whole of Germany, fulfill his promise with his SA, he needed power fast as he was already losing votes from 1933
What were the suitable circumstances which made Hitler a suitable candidate? Hitler and Hindenburg both were disillusioned by democracy and wanted to change the Weimar constitution to a more authoritarian government, NSDAP included 37% of the votes, Hitler had more influence than Hindenburg himself
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