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Committees of LoN

Successes and works

Refugees 400,000 refugees and POW’s returned after WW1. In Turkey, in 1922, LoN helped protect 100,000+ refugees from Cholera and other diseases
Refugees: S/F? success, improved living conditions of people
Working Conditions ILO banned toxic chemicals to be used from paint and decreasing working hours of child labourers. Posed strict no. of working hourse per day, per week, and the no. of employees.
Working Conditions: S/F? successful in improving working conditions for people
Health WHO worked hard to defeat leprosy. Began campaign to eliminate all mosquitoes, reduce cases of malaria, and other mosquito-related illnesses, and yellow fever in later decades. Russia implemented ideas from the LoN’s Health Committee
Health:S/F? improved living and working conditions
Transport recommendations on marking shipping routes and implemented an international highway code for road users.
Transport: S/F? success, enforced stricter and more organized route system, improved living and working conditions by increasing efficiency of travel and frequency of resources sustained.
Social Problems LoN blacklisted 4 European countries which were involved in illegal drug trade. Freed 200,000 men from Sierra Leone. Tried to abolish slavery by organizing raids and challenging the use of forced labour against slavers. Kept records of human trafficking.
Social Problems:S/F? Success by abolishing slavery and improving living and working conditions of the people enslaved
Collective Security Br. And Fr. drew up the “Geneva Protocol”. If there was dispute, they would ask the Council for help, and once they've made the decision, must obey rulings. Meanwhile, there was a general election in Britain, they declined to sign the Protocol due to NSI.
Collective Security: S/F? Failure. Failed to complete signage of the Protocol.
Created by: azra3.142