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The League

The League of Nations

Aims of the League of Nations Discourage aggression, Improve living and working conditions of people, Encourage cooperation, and Disarmament
France 1919-1945
Britain 1919-1945
Italy 1919-1937
Japan 1919-1933
Germany 1926-1933
USSR 1934-1939
Austria Dec 1920-March 1938
Hungary Sept 1922-April 1939
Bulgaria Dec 1920-1945
Turkey July 1932-1945
League of Nations Geneva(base), USA not in the league, based on a covenant (26 articles to follow through), uphold and enforce the terms of ToV, 42 countries initially joined, by the 1930s, it had 59 members
Why didn’t the USA join? stay out of disputes (appalled by horrors of WW1), racism and prejudice against Europeans (…and thought they’d be under their control), isolationism, believed in freedom and self-independence (opposed to imperialism), and the economic cost
Britain’s attitude towards leading the League? indifferent and uninterested (want to rebuild and look after empire and British trade systems), doubtful (with USA not in the league, there were no resources and influence to allow the League to work efficiently)
France’s attitude? doubtful (USA was not present to provide economical provisions) and sees it as security (strengthened by it and sees it as an effective means of collective security)
Strengths of the League MEMBERSHIP: included a lot of countries (42 initially) and most of the strong ones too, POWERS: 3 powers were available (moral condemnation, economic sanctions, and military force), STRUCTURE: organised group, each had its own job
Weaknesses of the League MEMBERSHIP: no USA, uninterest of its members, different levels of power (others had the VETO), POWERS: powers have no guarantee to work and it can be too harsh, STRUCTURE: met only 5x a year and no way to enforce its rulings
Created by: azra3.142