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Germany after WW1

Was Germany treated any worse than the other nations?

Territory (T) to lose 10% of its land, 12.5% of the pop., 16% of coalfields, 50% of its iron and steel industry
Reparations (R) big 3 agreed without consulting Germany, 6600 million pounds, changed by Young Plan in 1929 (reduced rep. to 75%, given 59 years to pay), would not have finished paying the bill till 1984
Armament (A) German army reduced to 100,000 men, no submarines, Rhineland=DMZ, occupied by Allies:15 years. trade of weapons=banned. No conscription. No armoured cars or tanks. AIRFORCE: none. Six warships only (not over 10,000 tonnes)
War Guilt (W) Victimised and used as the scapegoat
League of Nations (L) Not allowed to join until 1926
U unrepresented
N not allowed to join LoN till 1926
F forced to accept terms –diktat
A angry with reduction in armed forces
I injustice –war guilt
R reparations set too high
Created by: azra3.142