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Other Treaties

The Other Treaties of 1919-23

10th September 1919 Treaty of Saint Germain (with Austria):lost land to Czechoslovakia, Poland and Italy, army reduced to 30,000, no reparations, land given to Italy: Trentino, Tyrol, Trieste, Istria, and the Dalmatian Islands,
27th November 1919 The Treaty of Neuilly (with Bulgaria), lost land to Greece, Romania, and Serbia (Yugoslavia), army reduced to 20,000, and reparations set at 90-100 million pounds
4th June 1920 The Treaty of Trianon (with Hungary), lost land to Romania, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Serbia, army reduced to 35,000, no reparations, reduced from 283,000 sq km to 93,000 sq km, Population from 18.2 mil to 7.6 mil
20th August 1920 The Treaty of Sevres (with Turkey), gave land to Greece; Turkey's empire in the Middle East and North Africa to Bri. and Fr., limited army to 50,000, was to set reparations, Ottoman navy only allowed to have seven sloops and six torpedo boats, no airforce
1923 The Treaty of Lausanne (with Turkey), there was a revolution and the new government renounced the Treaty of Sevres; instead, this allowed Turkey an unlimited army, cancelled reparations, and did not give land to Greece
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