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Hsc 113-01

chapter 1-3AmyAdair

Word root is the foundation of a medical term and contains primary meaning
Combining Form Its created when a word root is combined with a vowel
Combining Vowel usually a o but sometimes its a I, combining vowel has no meaning
Suffix is a word element placed at the end of a word that changes the meaning of the word
Prefix Is a word elements attached at the beginning or the word or a word root
Itis Inflammation (Gastritis-inflammation of the Stomach)
megaly Enlargement(Gastromegaly-enlargement of the stomach)
Oma Tumor (Gastroma- tumor of the stomach)
Centesis Surgical procedure(arthrocentesis-puncture of a joint space with a needle with drawl of fluid_
Desis Binding fixation of bone or join(arthrodesis- binding together of the joint)
Ectomy Excision removal(Appendectomy-excision of the appendix)
Lysis separation destruction loosening(thrombolysis-struction of a blood clot)
Plasty Surgical Repair ( Rhinoplasty- Surgical repair of the nose)
Stony Forming a opening in the mouth (Tracheostony- forming a opening in the trachea)
tomy Incision (Tracheotomy- Incision through the neck)
Tripsy Crushing (lithotripsy- Crushing the stone)
Gram recording (electrocardio gram record of the electrical activity of the heart) EKG
Graph Instrument of recording (cardiograph Instrument of recording electrical activity of the heart)
Graphy Process of a recording( angiography- process of recording of the blood vessels)
meter Instrument of measuring (pelvimeter- Measurement of the pelvic)
Metry An act of measuring (pelvimetry-act or process of measuring the dimensions of the pelvis
Scope Instrument of examining (endoscope- Instrument of examining within
Scopy Visual examination (endoscopy- visual examination within)
algia pain (neuralgia- Pain of the nerve)
Cele hernia, swelling (hepatocele- hernia of the liver)
Adema Swelling (lymphadema_ Swelling and accumulation of tissue fluid)
emesis Vomiting (Hyperemesis-excessive vomiting)
emia blood condition (anemia- Blood condition caused by a disease in the red blood cell
gen Forming, producing ,orgin (carcinogen forming, producing or orgin of cancer)
Genesis (Carcinogenis)
iasis Abnormal condition (produced by something specified) (cholelithiasis- abnormal condition of gull stones)Chloe=bile or gull Lith-=stone or calculus
lith stone and calculus (cholelith-gull stone)
malacia softening (chondromalacia- softening of the articular cartilage usually involving patella
osis abnormal condition, increase (use primary with blood cells) (cyanosis- Dark blue or discoloration of the skin)
pathy Disease (miopathy- disease of the muscles)
Penia Decrease deficiency (erythroplenia-disease in the red blood cells)
phagia eating and swolling (disphagia- difficulties of swolling)
phasia Speech (aphasia- absence or impairment of speech
phobia Fear (hemophobia- phobia of blood)
plasia Formation, growth (dysplasia- abnormal formation or growth of cell, tissues or organs)
Plasm new formation(neoplasm- new formation or growth of tissues)
plegia Paralysis (hemiplegia-paralysis of one side)
ptosis Prolapse, downward displacement (blepharoptosis- dropping of the upper eyelid)
rrhage busting forth of (hemorrhage- busting forth of the blood)
rrhagia profuse discharge of blood during minorrhagia
rrhea discharge,flow (diarrhea-Abnormal discharge of flow or fluid fecal matter from the bowel)
rrhexis Rupture (arteriorrhexis- Rupture of a artery)
sclerosis Abnormal condition of hardening (arteriosclerosis- Abnormal Condition or hardening of a artery)
Spasm Involuntary contraction,Twitching (blepharospasm-Twitching of the eyelid)
Stenosis Narrowing, Structure (Atrostenosis- Abnormal narrowing of the arteries)
Toxic Poison (hepatotoxic- Pertaining to a agent,'poison' that damages the liver)
Trophy Nourishment, development (distrophy- bad nourishment)
Epi above, upon
Hypo Decrease, low
Infra under,below
Sub under
Inter between
Post After, behind
pre Before
Pro in front of
Retro Backward, behind
Bi two
Dipl double
hemi one half
Hyper excessive, above normal
Macro large
Micro Small
Mono one
uni one
Multi many
nulli None
Primi First
Quadri Four
Tri Three
Ab Away from
Ad Toward
Circum around
Peri around
Dia through, across
Endo in, within
Para Near, besides
Super upper, above
Supra above, excessive
ultra excess, beyond
A Without, not
Anti Against
Brady Slow
Dys bad, painful
Eu good,normal
Hetro Different
Homo Same
Mal bad
Tachy Rapid
Created by: AmyAdair