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group 11, 12

providentially fortunately,„ Two long, white hands shot out protectively in front of me, and the van shuddered to a stop a foot from my face, the large hands fitting providentially into a deep dent in the side of the van's body.
bedlam noise and confusion, It was absolutely silent for one long second before the screaming began.In the abrupt bedlam, I could hear more than one person shouting my name.
vehemently with very strong feeling 激烈地, It took six EMTs and two teachers — Mr. Varner and Coach Clapp — to shift the van far enough away from us to bring the stretchers in.Edward vehemently refused his.
soberly seriously and sincerely, It looked like the entire school was there, watching soberly as they loaded me in the back of the ambulance.
chaotically with complete disorder and confusion, "I'm completely fine, Char — Dad," I sighed. "There's nothing wrong with me." He turned to the closest EMT for a second opinion.I tuned him out to consider the jumble of inexplicable images churning chaotically in
myriad many, As we spoke, nurses began unwinding his soiled bandages, exposing a myriad of shallow slices all over his forehead and left cheek.
remorseful regretful, Finally, I closed my eyes and ignored him. He kept up a remorseful mumbling.
ogle stare with excessive desire 媚眼, Edward was standing at the foot of my bed, smirking. I glared at him. It wasn't easy — it would have been more natural to ogle.
patronizing being a supporting customer 恩人, I heard a chuckle, and looked over to see Edward's patronizing smile. My eyes narrowed.
flourish exaggerated gesture 茂盛, "It sounds like you were extremely lucky," Dr. Cullen said, smiling as he signed my chart with a flourish.
amended added to correct or improve, "Lucky Edward happened to be standing next to me," I amended with a hard glance at the subject of my statement.
flitted move quickly, "I'm not going to tell anybody." I said each word slowly, carefully controlling my anger. Surprise flitted across his face. "Then why does it matter?"
livid really mad, We scowled at each other in silence. I was the first to speak, trying to keep myself focused. I was in danger of being distracted by his livid, glorious face.
frigidly coldly, It was like trying to stare down a destroying angel. "Why did you even bother?" I asked frigidly.
sullenly with a gloomy mood 不高興地, "There's nothing wrong with me," I assured him sullenly. I was still aggravated, not in the mood for chitchat.
derision harsh mockery 嘲笑, "You think I lifted a van off you?" His tone questioned my sanity, but it only made me more suspicious. It was like a perfectly delivered line by a skilled actor. I merely nodded once, jaw tight."Nobody will believe that, you know.
Created by: lisatsai0353
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