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68C Medterm Ph.1 T.1

Medical Terminology Wk.1

a/an not, without
ante before
anti against
brady slow
dys difficult,abnormal
ecto outside of
endo within
epi above,upon
ex/o out,away
hyper above,excessive
hypo beneath
inter between
intra within
mid midline
peri around
poly many
retro behind,backward
semi half,partly
super/supra excessive,above
tachy fast
arthr/o joint
axill/o armpit
cardi/o heart
cephal/o head
cervic/o neck
cyan/o blue
cyst/o bladder
cyt/o cell
derm skin
enter/o digestive system
gastr/o stomach
hem/a/o blood
hepato/o liver
leuk/o white
oste/o bone
phleb/o vein
pneum/o lung,air
pulm/o lung
ren/o kidney
vas/o, vascul/o vessel
algia pain
cyte cell
emia blood condition
gram record
graphy writing,record
ia,iasis condition of
ic pertaining to
itis inflammation
megaly enlargment
oid like,shape,resemble
ology science of
osis condition
otomy incision
pathy disease
penia deficiency
plasty plastic surgical repair
plegia paralysis
poiesis production
rrhage excessive bleeding
scopy examine
ad lib as desired
prn as needed
npo nothing by mouth
ac before meals
hs hours of sleep, bedtime
CBC Complete blood count
ECG/EKG electrocardiogram
IV intravenous
IM intramuscular
ICU intensive care unit
RUQ right upper quadrant
RLQ right lower quadrant
LUQ left upper quadrant
LLQ left lower quadrant
WBC white blood cell
RBC red blood cell
LLE left lower extremity
WNL within normal limits
ROM range of motion
c with
s without
p after
BID twice daily
TID three times daily
afebrile without fever
lipoma fatty tumor
hyperemesis excessive vomiting
arthocentesis puncture of a joint
hepatosplenomegaly enlargement of the liver and spleen
nephrolithiasis Stones in the kidney
gastroenteritis stomach and intestines
cholecystectomy gallbladder
polyneuritis inflammation of many nerves
tympanoplasty plastic repair of the eardrum
dyspnea difficulty breathing
chondromalacia softening of the cartilage
levoversion act of turning to the left
osteoarthritis inflammation of the bones and joints
dermatophytosis fungus condition of the skin
arthrodesis surgical fixation of a joint
hypertrophy excessive growth
laparotomy incision into abdominal wall
cystitis inflammation of the bladder
encephalitis inflammation of the brain
pyogenic pus
hematoma tumor filled with blood
dentalgia pain in the tooth
chondritis cartilage
adenectomy surgical removal of the gland
anesthesia loss of sensation
glossitis inflammation of the tongue
polyphagia excessive food intake
salpingo-oophorectomy removal or excision of tubes and ovaries
thrombophlebitis inflammation of a vein with a clot
myospasm involuntary contraction of a muscle
pericarditis inflammation of the heart
monocyte a single or one cell
arteriosclerosis hardening of the arteries
blepharoptosis downward displacement of the eyelid
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