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2AX5X Vol 1 Unit 1

74 Self Test Questions

What are the personal characteristics that cause a person to perform an unsafe act or to overlook or tolerate an unsafe condition? Inattentiveness, excitability, impatience, and stubbornness.
What should be accomplished after any maintenance action? Area should be policed, and left in a clean orderly condition.
Failure to clean up drips and spills can cause what dangers? Slips and Falls.
List the principles of RM, 1. Accept no unnecessary risk 2. Make risk decisions at the appropriate level 3. Integrate RM into operations, activities, and planning at all levels 4. Apply the process cyclically and continuously
What's considered to be the direct cause of many accidents? Unsafe acts and conditions.
What is defined as rough or boisterous play, but is a major cause of accidents? Horseplay
What type of protective clothing do you wear while working around hot exhaust or tailpipes? Gloves and long-sleeved shirts to prevent burns.
What position do you assume to lift an object from a level lower than your waist? Squatting position.
Why must supervisors be given formal safety training? So they have a working knowledge of the fundamentals of accident prevention, and “know how” to train their personnel.
Name two most frequent methods used in job safety training Personnel interviews by supervisors and five minute "Stand Up" talks.
When should you replace cracked or broken tools? Immediately
What methods can you follow to prevent fires in maintenance areas? 1. Do not let oily rags accumulate 2. Obey "No Smoking" signs 3. Never dispose of cigarettes or flammables in wastebaskets 4. Never let clothing become saturated, change immediately if occurs 5. Do not store flammable liquids in open containers
What characteristics constitute a hazardous chemical? 1. Combustible 2. Unstable 3. Irritant 4. Explosive 5. Water reactive 6. Corrosive 7. Flammable 8. Toxic
What should you do if clothes becomes soaked or sprayed with chemicals Leave the area immediately and remove them.
What information does MSDS provide you? Explanation of physical data of the chemicals you work with, these properties include, but are not limited to melting point, boiling point, flash point, toxicity, health effects, first aid, storage, and spill procedures.
What information must be included on hazardous waste labels? Accumulation point and "accumulation start" entries.
What must be considered to make a sealant effective? Correct sealant used for the specific area and applied correctly
Sealants are packaged and available in what general U/Is? 1. Two part can kit 2. Semkit cartridge 3. Premixed and frozen.
What TOs cover sealants, solvents, and adhesives? TOs 42A3-1-2 and 1-1-691.
What is the sealant application life? The length of time a mixed sealing compound remains usable at 77 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 percent relative humidity.
What is the purpose of solvents? Dissolve oily and greasy soils so that they can be wiped away or absorbed on a cloth.
What are three sources of antenna radiation? High frequency radio transmitters, radar, and electronic countermeasure devices(ECM).
What are the effects of antenna radiation on the human body and vital organs? Burns beneath the skin, cataracts of the eyes, and cooking of the internal organs.
Briefly describe the hazards associated with an overheated brake. Blowout or fire.
From what direction do you approach an aircraft tire with overheated brakes? From aircraft nose or tail section, never in line with the axles.
What are the major danger areas around an operating jet engine? Intake, exhaust, turbine plane of rotation, and high intensity sound.
What's normally considered a safe distance from an operating jet engine intake? 25 feet to the front and sides of the intake duct
Why is the plane of rotation of the engine turbine wheel considered dangerous? The turbine wheel can disintegrate during operations and launch shrapnel through aircraft skin.
In addition to earplugs, what protective device do you wear when working in high intensity noise areas? A headset or ear defenders.
Define an "explosives loaded" aircraft An aircraft that carries munitions internally or externally.
Where must an explosives loaded aircraft be parked? Designated explosives parking areas.
Which personnel are allowed to remove safety devices from explosive devices? Weapons Personnel only
Describe a composite material. Used throughout the fuselage section, wings, empennages, central fins, engine cowlings as appropriate, various other panels and doors can all be made from many different materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar, etc. Can cause health risks.
As a minimum, what should the job safety training on composite material include? Need for and use of approved PPE, maintenance and care of PPE, safe chemical handling procedures, emergency treatment practices in case of exposure, ignition, or inhalation of composite liquid, vapor, or dust.
Besides being assigned to a crash recovery team, as a flight-line crew chief what is your most likely chance of being affected by the dangers or composite materials? Aircraft fire
Why should AF personnel be so concerned about FOD? The damage foreign objects cause translates into the loss of resources, money, or in a worst case scenario, someone's life.
What can happen when loose objects are blown or washed onto the runway? Can be ingested into aircraft intakes.
Who is tasked with the overall responsibility of the FOD prevention program? Wing Vice-Commander.
Who is responsible for preventing FOD by looking for and removing hazards? Everyone.
What must all workers account for at the beginning and end of each maintenance action? Their tools.
If a missing tool is not found after a thorough initial search is completed, who initiates a lost tool report? The person who was issued the tool or item.
What must you wear when you are required to physically enter an aircraft engine's intake or exhaust? Pocket-less coveralls(bunny suit) or equivalent.
To whom should you report damaged paving in aircraft parking areas and taxiways for immediate repair? Base airfield managers.
What is a dropped object as it relates to aircraft operations? Any aircraft part, component, surface, or other item that has been lost during aircraft operations from engine start to engine shutdown.
Who must develop a DOPP? All units that fly, service, and maintain.
What are the prime contributors to dropped objects? Latches and fasteners.
Who normally must investigate incidents as soon as they are discovered? Quality Assurance.
What references provide guidance for servicing operations? AFI 91-203, TO 00-25-172, and aircraft specific TOs
During fuel servicing, what three important points should you keep in mind? Right grade of fuel, protecting yourself from health hazards, preventing fires and explosions.
What can result from prolonged fuel saturation on your skin? A severe rash.
Why is it important to inspect fire extinguisher seals? To ensure fire extinguisher was not previously extinguished.
What TO(s) lists criteria for positioning fire extinguishers? 00-25-172 and specific aircraft TOs.
What's the minimum safe distance for operating ground power equipment during oxygen servicing? 50 Feet.
What should you do if a control valve becomes clogged with ice during LOX Servicing? Thaw it with warm air or water.
What device is used to help prevent over pressurization of an aircraft component during pneumatic servicing? Pressure regulator.
Why do many job guides list nitrogen as the preferred choice for servicing compressed gas components? Because of nitrogen's inert qualities.
When servicing aircraft hydraulic systems, what three measures should you take to prevent contaminating the aircraft systems? (1) When servicing with cans or drums ensure cleanliness and product integrity are maintained. (2) Keep products clearly identified and segregated. (3) Carefully read all labels before dispensing.
What references contain information about ground handling? Specific aircraft TOs, AFI 11-218, AFI 91-203, and TO 00-25-172
Where do most aircraft-specific TOs list safe for maintenance precautions? In the first couple of steps for the task.
Preparations for aircraft launch include what? Checking the aircraft forms, and obtaining all required AGE.
When the aircraft taxis after launch, what tasks are accomplished by the ground controller? Policing the parking area and prepare the AGE for pickup.
During recovery, wing walkers are necessary under what conditions? When taxing through congested areas.
Why should an aircraft be moved in a straight line 5 feet after a turn? To relieve the loads on the main landing gear.
As a general rule, where should you be positioned for marshaling your aircraft? In front of the aircraft to the left of the pilot.
When is a safety observer positioned by a parked aircraft? When any portion of the aircraft extends into an active taxiway.
When mooring an aircraft, how do you position the aircraft in relation to the wind? Head the aircraft into prevailing winds.
What are the usual causes of towing accidents? Inexperienced personnel and a failure to follow proper procedures.
What's the minimum number of tow crew members? Three
During towing, why do you start and stop all movements slowly? Sudden stops may cause damage to aircraft structure.
What should you do before towing an aircraft across an active taxiway? Get clearance from control tower.
In addition to your aircraft's -2 TO, what TO sets down the basic rules for grounding an aircraft? 00-25-172
What are some of the reasons for jacking an aircraft? To weigh aircraft, change a landing gear component, repair a landing gear or gear component, perform a retraction check, or change a tire or brake.
What jacking accessory is positioned under reinforced areas of the aircraft and prevents damage to the aircraft structure. Jack Pads.
If the aircraft TO doesn't establish it, what's the maximum wind velocity for a jacking operations? 15 MPH.
Created by: Fah_Q
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