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2S051 Volume 5

2S051 Volume 5 - Unit Review Exercises Only

27. (810) In Discoverer, what is a logical grouping of database tables or views that apply to your specific data requirements? d. Business areas.
28. (810) In Discoverer Plus, what filters the data to display only the exact information you want? d. Conditions.
29. (810) Which worksheet item enables you to summarize rows and columns quickly and easily? b. Totals.
30. (810) What is the process of arranging data into meaningful order so that you can analyze it more effectively? d. Sorting.
31. (810) What worksheet item offers pre-defined choices of data when you open a workbook? c. Parameters.
32. (811) In order to process pre-defined reports and modify the display of results in a worksheet, you would need to use the Discoverer b. Viewer.
33. (811) In Discoverer, what function allows you to transfer data to other application formats? c. Export.
34. (812) What system provides the ability to make repair, deployment, sourcing, maintenance, acquisition, re-distribution, forecasting, and other management decisions? b. Enterprise Solution-Supply.
35. (812) The intent of the Enterprise Asset Visibility component is to provide complete visibility of Air Force a. owned assets.
36. (813) One of the primary functions that Enterprise Solution-Supply (ES-S) offers is the ability to b. input orders into the legacy Materiel Management System.
37. (813) In Enterprise Solution-Supply (ES-S), which is not a type of order provided by the Order Placement Page? d. Maintenance Issue.
38. (814) Enterprise Solution-Supply (ES-S) provides the capability to query and view orders in what three legacy systems? c. Materiel Management System; D035A; D035K.
39. (814) In Enterprise Solution-Supply (ES-S), what three sections is the Order Selection Page divided into? d. Primary Selection Criteria, Secondary Selection Criteria, and Display Criteria.
40. (815) What function provides the ability to query all Enterprise Solution-Supply (ES-S) transactions from a single user interface? b. Audit Data Query.
41. (815) The Audit Data Query enhances your ability to query transaction information efficiently for what types of audits? c. Internal and external.
42. (816) The core of asset management is the b. Stock Control System.
43. (816) What on-line system combines the issue, shipment, receipt, and transfer of wholesale and retail material? a. Stock control system (SCS).
44. (816) Which system provides the user with information on their requisitions, with emphasis placed on the flight line base level user? a. TRACKER.
46. (817) Which module supports repair execution, item distribution, and manages flow of recoverable assets in and out of depot repair? d. Execution and Prioritization of Repair Support System.
47. (818) What has the capability to support multiple full Materiel Management System accounts? b. DECCs.
48. (819) Establishing connectivity between a desktop personal computer (PC) and the mainframe computer is done with a terminal emulation program called b. INFOConnect.
49. (819) Prior to the personal computer, what did INFOConnect gave you access to? a. green screens.
50. (820) What type of variable begins with a dollar ($) sign and have preset names? c. System.
51. (820) What interactive processing facility command allows you to add images saved in other files to your job stream? a. IN.
52. (820) Which interactive processing facility command changes the name of the workspace? b. NAME.
53. (820) In an interactive processing facility, what are the two editing modes within the full screen mode? d. input; edit.
54. (820) Which directory contains commonly used programs, compilers, and other processors? c. System.
55. (821) The Supply Interface System residue images are considered delinquent after how many hours? a. 24.
56. (821) After how many days are the Supply Interface System residue images deleted? c. 10 days.
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