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Med Term1

combining forms

abdomin/o- abdomen
ablat/o- take away; destroy
abort/o- stop prematurely
abras/o- scrape off
absorpt/o- absorb; take in
access/o- supplemental or contributing part
acetabulu/o- acetabulum (hip socket)
acid/o- acid (low ph)
acr/o- extremely; highest point
aden/o- gland
adip/o- fat
adolesc/o- the beginning of being an adult
affer/o- bring toward the center
albin/o- white
albumin/o- albumin
alg/o- pain
alges/o- sensation of pain
align/o- arranged in a straight line
alkal/o- base (high ph)
all/o- other; strange
alopec/o- bald
alveol/o- alveolus (air sac)
ambulat/o- walking
amnes/o- forgetfulness
amni/o- amnion (fetal membrane)
amputat/o- to cut off
amyl/o- carbohydrate starch
an/o- anus
anastom/o- create an opening between two structures
andr/o- male
aneurysm/o- aneurysm (dilation)
angi/o- blood vessel; lymphatic vessel
ankyl/o- fused together; stiff
anter/o- before; front part
aort/o- aorta
apic/o- apex (tip)
appendic/o- appendix
appendicul/o- limb; small attached part
arachn/o- spider; spider web
areol/o- small area around the nipple
arteri/o- artery
arteriol/o- arteriole
arthr/o- joint
articul/o- joint
aspir/o- to breathe in; to suck in
asthen/o- lack of strength
asthm/o- asthma
astr/o- starlike structure
atel/o- incomplete
ather/o- soft, fatty substance
athet/o- without position or place
atri/o- atrium (upper heart chamber)
audit/o- sense of hearing
augment/o- increase in size or degree
auscult/o- listening
aut/o- self
autonom/o- independent
axi/o- axis
axill/o- axilla (armpit)
bacteri/o- bacterium
balan/o- glans penis
bas/o- base of a structure; base; (alkaline)
bi/o- living organisms
bi/o- life; living organisms; living tissue
bili/o- bile; gall
blast/o- immature; embryonic
brachi/o- arm
bronch/o- bronchus
bronchiol/o- bronchiole
buccinat/o- cheek
bulb/o- structure like a bulb
bunion/o- bunion
burs/o- bursa
calcane/o- calcaneus (heel bone)
calcul/o- stone
cali/o- calyx
cancell/o- lattice structure
cancer/o- cancer
candid/o- Candida (yeast)
capill/o- hairlike structure; capillary
carcin/o- cancer
cardi/o- heart
carot/o- stupor; sleep
carp/o- wrist
cartilagin/o- cartilage
catheter/o- catheter
caud/o- tail bone
caus/o- burning
cav/o- hollow space
cec/o- cecum
celi/o- abdomen
cellul/o- cell
cephal/o- head
cerebell/o- cerebellum (posterior part of the brain)
cerebr/o- cerebrum (largest part of the brain)
cervic/o- neck; cervix
cheil/o- lip
chez/o- to pass feces
chol/e bile; gall
cholangi/o- bile duct
cholecyst/o- gallbladder
choledoch/o- common bile duct
chondr/o- cartilage
chorion/o- chorion (fetal membrane)
chrom/o- color
chron/o- time
circulat/o- movement in a circular route
cirrh/o- yellow
cis/o- to cut
clav/o- clavicle (collar bone)
clavicul/o- clavicle (collar bone)
cleid/o- clavicle (collar bone)
clon/o- rapid contracting and relaxing
coagul/o- clotting
coccyg/o- coccyx (tailbone)
cochle/o- cochlea (of the inner ear)
coit/o- sexual intercourse
col/o- colon
colon/o- colon
colp/o- vagina
comminut/o- break into small pieces
communic/o- impart; transmit
compress/o- press together
concept/o- to conceive or form
concuss/o- violent shaking or jarring
congenit/o- present at birth
congest/o- accumulation of fluid
constip/o- compacted feces
constrict/o- drawn together; narrowed
contin/o- hold together
contract/o- pull together
contus/o- bruising
convuls/o- seizure
coron/o- structure that encircles like a crown
corpor/o- body
cortic/o- cortex (outer region)
cost/o- rib
crani/o- cranium (skull)
crin/o- secrete
cry/o- cold
crypt/o- hidden
cutane/o- skin
cyan/o- blue
cyst/o- bladder; fluid filled sac; semi-solid cyst
cyt/o- cell
dactyl/o- finger or toe
delt/o- triangle
dendr/o- branching structure
dent/o- tooth
depress/o- press down
derm/ o- skin
dermat/o- skin
dextr/o- right
diaphor/o- sweating
diaphys/o- shaft of a bone
diastol/o- dilating
didym/o- testes (twin structure)
dietet/o- foods ; diet
digest/o- break down food ; digest
digit/o- finger; toe
dilat/o- dilate; widen
disk/o- disk
dissect/o- to cut apart
dist/o- away from the center of point of origin
diverticul/o- diverticulum
dors/o- back; dorsum
duct/o- bring; move; a duct
duoden/o duodenum
dynam/o- power; movement
ecchym/o- blood in the tissues
ech/o- echo (sound wave)
eclamps/o- a seizure
ectop/o- outside of a place
efface/o- do away with; obliterate
effer/o- to go out from the center
effus/o- a pouring out
ejaculat/o- to expel suddenly
elast/o- flexing; stretching
electr/o- electricity
embol/o- embolus (occluding plug)
embryon/o- embryo, immature form
emet/o- vomiting
emiss/o- to send out
encephala/o- brain
enter/o- intestine
enur/o- to urinate
eosin/o- eosin; (red acidic dye)
ependym/o- cellular lining
epilept/o- seizure
epiphys/o- enlarged area at the end of a long bone
erect/o- to stand up
erg/o- activity; work
erythemat/o- redness
erythr/o- red
esophag/o- esophagus
esthet/o- sensation; feeling
estr/a- female
eti/o- cause of disease
etym/o- word origin
ex/o- away from; external; outward
exacerb/o- increase or provoke
excis/o- to cut out
excori/o- to take out skin
excret/o- removing from the body
express/o- communicate
extens/o- straightening
extern/o- outside
exud/o- oozing fluid
faci/o- face
fallopi/o- uterine (fallopian tube)
fasci/o- fascia
fec/o- feces; stool
femor/o- femur (thigh bone)
fer/o- to bear
fertil/o- able to conceive a child
fet/o- fetus
fibr/o- fiber
fibrill/o- muscle fiber; nerve fiber
fibul/o- fibula (lower leg bone)
fiss/o- splitting
fixat/o- to make stable or still
flatul/o- flatus; gas
flex/o- bending
foli/o- leaf
follicul/o- follicle (small sac)
fract/o- break up
front/o- front
fund/o- fundus (part farthest from the opening)
fung/o- fungus
galact/o- milk
gastr/o- stomach
gen/o- arising from; produced by
gene/o- gene
gene/o- gene
gener/o- production; creation
gener/o- production; creation
genit/o- genitalia
ger/o- old age
gestat/o- from conception to birth
glen/o- socket of a joint
gli/o- cells that provide support
glob/o- shaped like a globe; comprehensive
glomerul/o- glomerulus
gloss/o- tongue
glycos/o- glucose (sugar)
gnos/o- knowledge
gon/o- seed (ovum or spermatozoon)
gonad/o- gonads (ovaries and testes)
gustat/o- the sense of taste
gynec/o- female; woman
hal/o- breathe
hem/o- blood
hemat/o- blood
hepat/o- liver
heredit/o- genetic inheritance
herni/o- hernia
hidr/o- sweat
hil/o- hilum (indentation in an organ)
hirsut/o- hairy
humer/o- humerus (upper arm bone)
hydr/o- water; fluid
hyper/o- above; more than normal
hyster/o- uterus (womb)
iatr/o- physician; medical treatment
ict/o- seizure
idi/o- unknown individual
ile/o- ileum (intestine)
ili/o- ilium (hip bone)
immun/o- immune response
incarcer/o- to imprison
incis/o- to cut into
induct/o- a leading in
infarct/o- area of dead tissue
infect/o- disease within
inflammat/o- redness and warmth
inguin/o- groin
inhibit/o- block; hold back
inject/o- insert; put in
insert/o- to put in; introduce
inspect/o- looking at
integu/o- to cover
integument/o- skin
intern/o- inside
interstiti/o- spaces within tissue
intestin/o- intestine
isch/o- keep back; block
ischi/o- ischium (hip bone)
jaund/o- yellow
jejun/o- jejunum
kary/o- nucleus
kerat/o- cornea (of the eye); hard, fibrous protein
kin/o- movement
kines/o- movement
kyph/o- bent; humpbacked
labi/o- lip; labium
lacer/o- a tearing
lacrim/o- tears
lact/o- milk
lapar/o- abdomen
laryng/o- larynx (voicebox)
later/o- side
lei/o- smooth
leuk/o- white
lev/o- left
lex/o- word
lingu/o- tongue
lip/o- lipid (fat)
lipid/o- fat
lith/o- stone
lob/o- lobe of an organ
log/o- word; the study of
lord/o- swayback
lumb/o- lower back; area between ribs & pelvis
lumen/o- opening
lun/o- moon
lymph/o- lymph; lymphatic system
lys/o- break down
macr/o- large
malac/o- softening
mamm/o- breast
mandibul/o- mandible (lower jaw)
masset/o- chewing
mast/o- breast; mastoid process
mastic/o- chewing
maxill/o- maxilla (upper jaw)
medi/o- middle
medic/ o- physician ; medicine
medull/o- medulla (inner region)
meg/a- large
melan/o- black
men/o- month
mening/o- meninges
menstru/o- monthly discharge of blood
ment/o- mind
metr/o- measurement
metri/o- uterus (womb)
micturi/o- making urine
morph/o- shape
muc/o- mucus
mucos/o- mucous membrane
mult/i- many
muscul/o- muscle
my/o- muscle
myc/o- fungus
myel/o- bone marrow; spinal cord; myelin
myelin/o- myelin
narc/o- stupor; sleep
nas/o- nose
nat/o- birth
ne/o- new
necr/o- dead cells, tissue, or body
nephr/o- kidney; nephron
nerv/o- nerve
neur/o- nerve
noct/o- night
nosocomi/o- hospital
nuch/o- neck
nucle/o- nucleus (of an atom)
nutrit/o- nourishment
o/o- ovum (egg)
obstetr/o- preganancy & childbirth
obstip/o- severe constipation
obstruct/o- blocked by a barrier
occipit/o- occiput; (back of the head)
ocul/o- eye
olfact/o- the sense of smell
olig/o- scanty; few
omphal/o- umbilicus; navel
onc/o- tumor; mass
onych/o- nail (fingernail or toenail)
oophor/o- ovary
ophthalm/o- eye
or/o- mouth
orbicul/o- small circle
orchi/o- testis
orchid/o- testis
orex/o- appetite
orth/o- straight
osse/o- bone
ossificat/o- changing into bone
oste/o- bone
ot/o- ear
ov/i- ovum (egg)
ovari/o- ovary
ox/i-; ox/o-; ox/y- oxygen
palat/o- palate
palliat/o- reduce the severity of
pancreat/o- pancreas
pareun/o- sexual intercourse
pariet/o- wall of a cavity
part/o- childbirth
parturit/o- to be in labor
patell/o- patella (knee cap)
path/o- disease
paus/o- cessation
pector/o- chest
ped/o- child
pedicul/o- lice
pelv/o- pelvis (hip bone; renal pelvis)
pen/o- penis
peps/o- digestion
pept/o- digestion
percuss/o- tapping
perfor/o- to have an opening
perine/o- perineum
peripher/o- outer aspects
peritone/o- peritoneum
perone/o- fibula (lower leg bone)
phag/o- eating; swallowing
phalang/o- phalanx (finger or toe)
phall/o- penis
pharmac/o- medicine; drug
pharyng/o- pharynx (throat)
phil/o- attraction to; fondness for
phim/o- closed tight
phleb/o- vein
phob/o- fear
phot/o- light
phren/o- diaphragm; mind
phylact/o- guarding; protecting
physi/o- physical function
physic/o- body
pil/o- hair
placent/o- placenta
plast/o- growth; formation
pleg/o- paralysis
pleur/o- pleura (lung membrane)
pne/o- breathing
pneum/o- lung; air
pneumon/ o- lung ; air
poplite/o- back of the knee
por/o- small openings; pores
poster/o- back part
pregn/o- being with child
priap/o- persistent erection
prim/i- first
proct/o- rectum
product/o- produce
pronat/o- face down
prostat/o- prostate gland
prosthet/o- artificial part
protein/o- protein
proxim/o- near the center of the point of origin
psych/o- mind
pub/o- pubis (hip bone)
pulmon/o- lung
punct/o- hole; perforation
purul/o- puss
py/o- puss
pyel/o- renal pelvis
pylor/o- pyloris
pyr/o- fire; burning
quadr/o- four
radi/o- radius(forearm bone); xrays; radiation
radicul/o- spinal nerve root
recept/o- receive
rect/o- rectum
relax/o- relax
ren/o- kidney
resect/o- to cut out; remove
resuscit/o- revive; raise up again
retard/o- slow down; delay
retent/o- keep; hold back
rhabd/o rod shaped
rheumat/o- watery discharge
rhin/o- nose
rhiz/o- spinal nerve root
rhytid/o- wrinkle
rotat/o- rotate
rrhag/o- excessive flow or discharge
rrhythm/o- rhythm
rub/o- red
sacr/o- sacrum
sagitt/o- going from front to back
saliv/o- saliva
salping/o- uterine (fallopian tube)
saphen/o- clearly visible
sarc/o- connective tissue
scapul/o- scapula (shoulder blade)
schiz/o- split
scler/o- hard; sclera (white of the eye)
scoli/o- curved; crooked
scop/o- examine with an instrument
scrot/o- scrotum
seb/o- sebum (oil)
sebace/o- sebum (oil)
secret/o- produce; secrete
sens/o- sensation
sensitiv/o- affected by; sensitive to
sept/o- septum (dividing wall)
septic/o- infection
sial/o- saliva
skelet/o- skeleton
somat/o- body
somn/o- sleep
son/o- sound
spast/o- spasm
sperm/o- sperm
spin/o- spine; backbone
spir/o- breathe; coil
splen/o- spleen
spondyl/o- vertebra
stal/o- contraction
stat/o- standing still; staying in one place
steat/o- fat
sten/o- narrowness; constriction
stern/o- sternum (breast bone)
steroid/o- steroid
steth/o- chest
stomat/o- mouth
sudor/i- sweat
super/o- above
supinat/o- lying on the back
surg/o- operative procedure
suspens/o- hanging
symptomat/o- collection of symptoms
synov/o- synovium (membrane)
system/o- body as a whole
systol/o- contracting
tars/o- (ankle)
tax/o- coordination
tempor/o- temple (side of the head)
ten/o- tendon
tendin/o- tendon
tens/o- pressure; tension
termin/o- end; boundary
test/o- testis; testicle
testicul/o- testis; testicle
tetr/a- four
thalam/o- thalamus
theli/o- cellular layer
then/o- thumb
therap/o- treatment
therapeut/o- treatment
thorac/o- thorax; chest
thromb/o- thrombus (blood clot)
thym/o- thymus; rage
thyroid/o- thyroid gland
tibi/o- tibia (shin bone)
toc/o- labor and childbirth
ton/o- pressure; tone
tonsill/o- tonsil
topic/o- a specific area
tox/o- poison
trache/o- trachea (windpipe)
tract/o- pulling
transplant/o- move something to another place
trich/o- hair
troph/o- development
tub/o- tube
tubercul/o- nodule; tuberculosis
tubul/o- tube; small tube
tuss/o- cough
uln/o- ulna; forearm bone
umbilic/o- umbilicus; navel
ungu/o- nail (fingernail or toenail)
ur/o- urine; urinary system
ureter/o- ureter
urethr/o- urethra
urin/o- urine; urinary system
uter/o- uterus (womb)
vaccin/o- giving a vaccine
vag/o- wondering; vagus nerve
vagin/o- vagina
valv/o- valve
valvul/o- valve
varic/o- varix; varicose vein
vas/o- blood vessel; vas deferens
vascul/o- blood vessel
ven/o- vein
venere/o- sexual intercourse
ventil/o- movement of air
ventr/o- front; abdomen
ventricul/o- ventricle (lower heart chamber; chamber in the brain)
vers/o- to travel; to turn
vertebr/o- vertebra
vesic/o- bladder; fluid filled sac
vir/o- virus
vis/o- sight; vision
viscer/o- large internal organs
vulv/o- vulva
xanth/o- yellow
xen/o- foreign
xer/o- dry
xiph/o- sword
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