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Medical Terminology


Word UseMedical Term
ab (away from)Prefix abduction (away from, rotate)
ad (toward)Prefix adduction (toward, rotate)
algia (pain)mostly suffix neuralgia (nerve pain)
ante (before, wallpart)suffix or prefix antepartum (before birth)
anti (against)Prefix antibacterial (against bacteria)
bi (two, double)Prefix bilateral (two sides)
brady (slow)Prefix or suffix bradycardia (slow heart beat)
circum (around)Prefix circumrenal (around the kidney)
co, con (together)Prefix or suffix concentric (together center, same center)
de (down or away from)Prefix or suffix dehydrate (away from hydration)
desis (binding fixation of)(Prefix or suffix but mostly suffix) arthrodesis (surgical fixation of a joint)
dia (through)(Prefix or suffix) diaplacental (through the placenta)
dys (difficult, abnormal)(Prefix) dysemia (abnormal blood)
ecto (outside)(Prefix) ectocornea (outer layer of cornea)
ectomy (excision)(Prefix or suffix but mostly suffix) tonsillectomy (tonsill removal)
endo (within)(Prefix) endogastric (within the stomach)
epi (outer, on top of, over)(Prefix) epigastric (top of stomach)
exo (away from)(Prefix) exophthalmus (eyes bulging away from)
extra (outside, beyond)(Prefix or suffix) extra sensory (beyond senses)
iasis (condition of)(suffix) cholelithiasis (condition of gall bladder stones)
iatric (medicine)(suffix) pediatric (child medicine) Psychiatric (mind medicine)
ic (pertaining to)(suffix) entric (pertaining to the small intestine)
inter (between)(prefix) intercostal (between ribs)
intra (within)(prefix) intra-aortic (within the aorta)
isis, asis (condition of)(suffix) metastasis (condition of change in location or spreading)
itis (inflammation of)(suffix) gastritis (stomach inflammation)gingivitis (inflammation of gums)
juxta (near)(prefix) juxtaepiphysial (near epiphysis or part of long bone)
kinesis (movement)(suffix) metakinesis (moving apart) kinesiology (study of movement)
kypho (humped)(prefix) kyphosis (condition of being hump backed) kyphoscoliosis (a humped curvature of spine)
logia, logy (science of)(suffix) cardiology (heart science or study of heart)
lysis (disintegration)(suffix) osteolysis (bone breakdown)
macro (large, long)(prefix) macrostomia (large mouth)
malacia (softening)(prefix or suffix) chondromalacia (soft cartilage)
med,medi,medio (middle)(prefix or suffix) mediocarpal (middle of the carpal bone)
mega, megaly (enlargement)(prefix or suffix) cardiomegaly (large heart)
micro (small)(mostly prefix) microcephalic (small brain)
mono (single,one)(prefix) mononecleosis (condition of the large outbreak of one nucleous lymphocytes)
multi (many)(prefix) multifocal (many locations)
neo (new)(prefix) neonatal (new born)
ob (against)(prefix) obtunded (against or mentally dull)
oid (like, shape, resemble)(suffix) mucoid (mucus like)
oligo (few)(prefix or suffix) oliguria (diminished urination)
ology (study of)(suffix) neurology (study of nerves)
oma (tumor)(suffix) lymphoma (lymph tumor)
osis (condition)(suffix) pediculosis (condition of lice infestation)
otomy (incision)(suffix) craniotomy (skull incision)
a, an (without)(Prefix) anencephalic (without a brain)
Created by: manujamz
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