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Female A&P

the hormone HCG is produced by these kind of cells embryotic
colostrum is secreted by these glands mammary
a fall in estrogen and progesterone & release of LH induces this menstruation
after implantation, the fertilized egg is called embryo
the union of an ovum & spermatozoon fertilization
the layer of the uterus expelled during menstruation endometrium
38 wks is its average length gestation
this occurs when the aging ovary no longer produces mature follicles menopause
the part of the pituitary gland that produces FSH & LH anterior pituitary
the process of cell divison halves the # of chormosomes meosis
the mons pubis is this type of tissue adipose
the space b/w the vagina & cervix fornix
the usual day of ovulation in a 28-day cycle 14
a fold of mucous membrane covering the vaginal orifice hymen
a muscular wall of the uterus myometrium
glands that produce mucus on each side of the vagina bartholin
tube where fertilization takes place fallopian
external floor of the pelvis perineium
female gonads ovaries
specialized epithelium lining of uterus endometrium
external part of the female genitals vulva
female erectile tissue clitoris
small rounded top part of the uterus fundus
smooth muscular canal vagina
hollow pear shaped organ uterus
structure that ruptures to release a mature egg follicle
scientific name for fibroid myoma
as a follicle matures it produces increasing amounts of estrogen
the entry way to the uterus from the vaginal canal cervix
is the recesses portion b/w the vaginal wall & the cervix fornix
in menopause the decrease in______accounts for many side effects such as______&_______ Estrogen levels / hot flashes &mood swings
muscular tube connecting the uterus to the outside vagina
the female gamete ovum
organ holds a developing fetus uterus
regular monthly menstrual cycles ceases at the time of menopause
subcutaneous pad of adipose tissue encasing the junction of the pubic bone in females mon's pubis
sm. fringy structures , located at the distal edges of the uterine tube fimbriae
follicle turns into this after ovulation corpus leteum
it's cilia move the ovum along is the site for fertilization Fallopian tubes
these folds line the vagina rugae
external part includes the labia minoria & labia majoria vulva
the mon's pubis incases the junction of this bone pubis
steroid hormone produces mainly in the ovaries estrogen
changes is the ovaries b/w days 1-14 follicular phase
sac within the ovary holds the immature egg cell follicle
the uterine tube also called oviduct
release of an egg cell from the ovary is called ovulation
the endometruim is the innermost layer of the uterus
levels of estrogen & progesterone drops as the corpus luteum dies this action induces endometruim to shed it's lining
the adjective luteal refers to corpus luteum
two hormones released by the ovaries estrogen & progesterone
ovulation is release of the ovum from ovaries
sex cell of the female gamete
blood levels of ______ do not peak until after ovulation occurred progeterone
always performed after an incomplete abortion D & C
prior to a pelvic exam always have the patient empty bladder
what are the characteristics of a malignant neoplasm in a breast on palpation irregular & hard
what are the risk factors for cervical cancer sex at a young age , maternal HX & HPV
term for bleeding b/w periods metrorrhagia
drains used foe mastecomy jackson -pratt
instructions for the use of vaginal cream for yeast infection insert full dose at bed time
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