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Medical Terminology

Diseases and Disorders

ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS Fixation of the vertebrae with fibrous tissue causing loss of movement
ANKYLOSIS Immobilisation and solidification of a joint
ARTHRITIS Inflammation of a joint
ARTHRODYNIA Pain in a joint
BURSIITIS Inflammation of the pad of synovial membrane protecting a bone nere the surface of the body eg the elbow or knee
CALLUS An outgrowth of partly bony tissue produced in the body's process of the mending of bones
EXOSTOSIS An overgrowth of bone
GENU VAIGUM Knock knee
GENU VARUM Bow legged
HALLUX VALGUS Bunion/deviation of the large toe joint
KYPHOSIS Hunchback/excessive curvature of the thoracic vertebrae
LORDOSIS 'Sway back'/excessive inward curvature of the lumbar spine
LUXATION Complete dislocation of a joint
OSTEOARTHRITIS Degenerative disease of ageing-large joints of knee, hip etc
OSTEOMA Tumour of bone
OSTEOMALACIA Rickets-softening of bone due to lack of Vitimin D and deposit of calcium salts
OSTEOMYELITIS Inflammation of the bone marrow
OSTEOPOROSIS Brittle bones due to ageing and lack of oestrogen hormone which affects the ability to deposit calcium in the matrix of the bone
POLYARTHRITIS Arthritis involving many joints
RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS Disease causing inflammation of small joints, usually hands and feet
SCOLLOSIS A lateral S-shaped deformity of the vertebrae
SPINA BIFIDA Failure of the spinous processes to unite in fetal development, causing various degrees of deformity, with or without the meninges (covering of spinal cord) and/or spinal cord protuding through to the surface of the body
SPONDYLITIS Inflammation of one or more vertebrae
SPONDYLOSIS Degenerative disease of the spine,crumbling occurs
STILL'S DISEASE A form of rheumatoid polyarthritis in children
ADENOMA Tumour of a gland
BENIGN Favourable for recovery, opposite of malignant
CHONDROMA Benign tumour of cartilage
CHONDROSARCOMA Malignant tumour of cartilage and bone
CONTUSION Bleeding beneath the skin (bruise)
EMBOLISM Obstruction of a blood vessel by a detached, travelling paricle of blood, fat or air
EMBOLUS Blood clot,fat or air detached from another place and travelling in the blood steam
EPITHELIOMA Tumour of epithelial tissue (lining and covering organs), e.g. of the epidermis
FIBROMA Formation of fibrous tissue
FIBROSIS Formation of scar tissue
HAEMATOMA Swelling containing blood
ISCHAEMIA Deficiency of blood supply to a part
KELOID SCAR Abnormal overgrowth of fibrous tissue in the healing of a wound
LESION Morbid (abnormal) change in the tissue
LIPOMA Tumour composed of fat
MALIGNANT Virulent/dangerous, likely to have a fatal outcome (disease or tumour)
MYALGIA Painful muscles
MYASTHENIA GRAVIS Disease causing abnormal fatigue and weakness in voluntary mucles
MYOMA Tumour composed of muscle
NG New growth
NECROSIS Death of a tissue
NECROTISING Destruction of soft tissue
FASCIITIS By overwhelming infection, usually post-operatively, by haemolytic streptococcus bacteria (Group A)
NEOPLASM New growth of tumour
OEDEMA Free fluid in the tissue
PAPILLOMA Wart-type benign tumour
PERITONITIS Inflammation of the peritoneum (the lining of the abdomen and pelvic cavities)
PLEUISY Inflammation of the pleura (covering of the lungs)
SARCOMA Cancer arising in the connective tissue e.g. bone, blood
SEBACEOUS CYST Swelling caused by blockage of sebaceous gland duct in the skin
BIOPSY Removal of a prtion of living tissue for microscopic investigation
TENOTOMY surgical dividing ro cutting of a tendon
SYNOVECTOMY Surgial removal of synovial membrane
ARTHRODESIS Surgical stiffening of a joint
ARTHROCENTESIS Puncture of a joint cavity to remove fluid
ARTHROCLASIA Surgical breaking of a joint to provide movement
LAMINECTOMY Surgical removal of the lamina of a vertebraa to relieve pressure in 'slipped disc'
BURSECTOMY Removal of bursa
MENISCECTOMY Surgical removal of the semi-lunar cartilage of the knee joint
OPEN REDUCTION Using surgery to reduce a dislocation of a joint or fracture
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